Deng Thiak Adut grew up on his family’s farm in South Sudan, where his father grew bananas and other food crops. At just six years old, Deng was conscripted by the rebel People’s Liberation Army. This advertisement for Western Sydney University​ shows Deng's resilience and perseverence, turning his childhood tortue and trauma into a positive result. Deng now works as a lawyer in Bankstown, Australia, ensuring Sudanese people have the legal advice they need before entering the court system.


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  • Jonathan Blaine

    Quite amazing. This is truly an inspirational story!

  • Carmel Joyce

    What inspirWow Deng is such an example for us all. Bless him . I really and truly admire him . Wher did he get that fighting courage from.? Such perseverance. Carmel ....( Ireland)

  • Ranjeet

    Touching Life Story. What makes the man follow a good path (?) and not join in the rest of stream ! What is it that tuned him to be so tough to forget the past (15 years of torture) AND MOULD himself into a new character and good liberated human finally !!

  • Yvonne McAskill

    This is amazing. Thank you It motivates me to love more deeply than I do Only love can bring about such a wonderful transformation.

  • Patricia

    Mr. Adut's story is very touching and inspiring.

  • sara

    Deng is an exceptional person. To go through such trauma at such a young age and not be bitter is rare. He must have gotten inspiration from someone who encouraged him to do something meaningful with his life. What a triumph!

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