"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." ~Nelson Henderson. This latest music video by the singer/songwriter team of Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod and filmmaker Ellie Walton captures the joy, introspection and inspiration in the song, "Planting Seeds." The song was inspired by Daniel Nahmod's original 2006 Water album, which captures the spirit of doing our part (planting the seeds), but then letting go and not holding on to what may come.


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  • louise mcrae

    it is the way to live

  • zuleikha

    So beautiful the many ways we can plant seeds of joy and unity by standing where we are and opening for the Light to come through. Thank you for sharing this film.

  • Shireen

    This video made us feel happy! We feel like sharing the goodness around.

  • Sherry

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always loved "planting seeds" whether they are in my garden or just in what I share with others when I let the Holy Spirit guide me. Thank you.

  • Kathy

    I am inspired by the deep passion of the people in the video and the message is clear; we all plant seeds where we are and our roots give forth the blessings and rewards of our fruit. We as a people should spread the words of peace and acceptance and more.

  • Marianna Q

    TOUCHED MY HEART IN A BIG WAY ...TEARS OF JOY, TEARS OF GRATITUDE ... I shared it on my wall on Facebook and on my page Dance of Love for World Peace... it truly is what my page is seeking to bring love and feelings with Dance and Song for it is the most powerful POWERFUL VIBRATION For it is Song, Heart felt intension prayer if done with heart... Dance Sing Smile Vibrations of LOVE... THANK YOU <3

  • Annie G

    Allowing what is to be, and relishing the beauty of the cycle of life.

  • Emily T.

    Judging the soil according to the Christian Scripture is, in large part, up to God.

  • Larry

    The simple act of letting the seed roll off the hand into the ground!

  • Georgie

    One aspect of finding the purpose of ones life is the realization that everything we do is planting a seed, either for a beneficial or for a poisonous plant of the future of life on earth. When we treat those seeds tenderly and with love, they grow into marvelous creations, though we won't be around to see the fruit with our physical eyes! That's the way of life. Thanks for sharing this lovely video.

  • Jean

    This video is so very uplifting! The song and it's message are very inspiring but the children and the other people going out and cultivating kindness and love really make it shine!

  • Janis

    The simplicity of the profound message! When the days SEEM full of dark and fear-- the truth of love is even more profound SIMPLY by the stark contrast. It's a candle that really appears like a neon light against the seemingly dark background of fear -- the simple smile becomes a gift of love to those who have lost their hope. Great video with a REAL message inside !

  • GV

    It takes me to the essence of who should meant to be

  • Jacqueline

    It takes the saying "it is the journey and not the destination" to a new level. No attachment. Just do it with love ! Let each of our Divine sparks light a path as we travel igniting a great light that transforms the planet...and so it is

  • Badri

    The lyrics and the graphics and so natural

  • Annonymous

    A smile and kindness are such easy things to do. Hopefully this will spread and we can all overcome the troubles of today. This is such a beautiful planet and people are so interesting. We need kindness, love and happiness to become contagious. That is what this world needs now more than ever. Spread the love people.....with a smile!

  • Zinat Fazal

    Shows that Love increases when shared! Beautiful video! Much love to those of you who created it!

  • Suresh Jani

    See what it inspired... https://gadyasoor.wordpress.com/2016/04/02/seeds/ You may not understand my language - Gujarati . So its meaning... In this word - full of tensions, animosity, woes, sufferings and bitterness...such videos induce unfathomable peace and joy. Let us imbibe its spirit in our lives and spread awareness for it among our contacts

  • Christy Friederich

    Thamk you for the reminder - that a smile is the best blessing to our Community of our One World that we can give. Christy. of 82 years, resident, on Planet Earth

  • Semora McCampbell

    So meaningful, inspirational and beautiful....so important especially in these difficult times to continue to spread love and peace in the world ( a powerful energy).....keep doing what you do!....blessings! Thank you!

  • patricia j edwards

    you just can't but feel filled with joy and love; i want to go out and spread that feeling to all i meet. it fills me with hope; also i love (and always have) trees!

  • emanuel boyd

    There are so many wonderful contributes to this video that are very obvious.... and I sense that the producers of this video made it very clear of people taking the first step and also the importance of letting go and stepping back. They made it refreshing and easy to absorb. Thanks

  • Deepak

    Thank You . it is so inspirational and it reminds me of the the old quote , whatever one sows , one reaps that in life . In this world of violence and hatred and climate change , this video needs to be widely circulated .

  • Denis

    Thanks guys. Absolute meaningful words , very app in todays global climate crises. God Bless YOU

  • Diane

    So much joy in kindness and love

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys...way to go! Let's keep planting seeds of love...God provides the increase...we are evolving, and need open minds to move forward...peace on Earth...1

  • Kathy Kearns

    I truly hope there are that many people feeling good as what is shown in this video. These kinds of video's should be displayed everywhere all the time!

  • Eva

    Inspiring, keep up the good work :) :) :) Love all - Serve all :) :) :)

  • Virgl

    Thank you, I so needed THIS today!!! thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU!!!

  • b2

    Love the video and song! :-)

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