Once a collection of gray cinder block houses clinging to a mountainside, Jalouzi, the largest slum in the city of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, is being transformed. This is a story of a local painter Duval Pierre, who, working with local children, is trying to transform his community through color. "Imagine a world without color, Pierre says. Imagine. That place is a place without joy... Color gives us dignity. Color gives us identity. Color gives us hope."


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  • Admin

    Dear Sadie, the filmmakers may be able to direct you and others who want to help with small donations for paint. You can find out more about the filmmakers here: https://www.ryot.org/about and contact them via: info@ryot.org.

  • Sadie

    This man's generosity of heart and skill. How can people support him to keep buying paint for Jalouzi? Just think what can be done, even with small donations by a lot of people!

  • Marlene

    I was so impressed with the aspect of it being a community project open to an inter generational community! I have been to Haiti 6 times and I love the people of Haiti. I wish them colorful dreams, hope, and love

  • nimo

    Love it! So simple, so beautiful, so inspiring for all our communities across the world to incorporate.

  • Rieke Hollander

    What me inspired is how this painter inspires hope when there seems to be little reason for it. Now what can we do to make this hope become reality?

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Loved hearing the laughter seeing community pull together. I've been to Haiti twice, beautiful, amazing resilient people. Glad to see other than pity/poverty shared by this short film! Here's to all those like Duval who seek beauty and create and share and inspire others to it too! <3

  • Shanti

    I was inspired by the spirit of caring and sharing. The colors and the laughter of the children painting touched my heart. They learning caring, sharing and beauty matters. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece with the world!

  • steve zimmett

    Duval Pierre what a wonderful profession and I'm sure all his people appreciate what e is doing. I congratulate him on his efforts.

  • Marian Call

    That this man inspires hope when there seems to be little reason for it. What a marvelous person he is. He creates such beauty.

  • miriam

    That one man can move a city in to beauty... he is so right in that it helps people feel better and adds to the qulity of life! May he and his town be blessed with all the paint they need! And also food and shelther for all! Thank you!

  • Lauretta

    Wonderful video about the transformative power of colour, beauty and dignity.

  • patjos

    Thank you for finding this video, it's such a joy to see all of the different colours. So many colours, so many buildings, no two the same, just like us! Rainbows! :)))

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