Travel search site Momondo conducted a DNA experiment with 67 people from around the world and asked: do you dare question who you really are? Participants were asked what they thought the test would uncover, and were also encouraged to share some of their views and prejudices about people from different parts of the world. Some weeks later they were invited back. Watch the surprising results.


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  • Robert

    For me what is inspiring is that we are all family on this rock called earth/Gaia, and you are presenting this in a wonderful format, damn the divisions/boarders/religious dogma/poverty/greed/suppression of truth/off planet controllers, let's all wake up and be empowered as the Christ/Kristos BE-ings that we are. THank you, Robert

  • margarete

    first of all it simply touched me in such a deep way - I couldn't help crying. And I felt (I could realla feel it) these people are not different from me. We are ALL expressions of the one.

  • Andree

    We are all one race,the human race. We are all linked in the deepest sense.

  • Sharon

    The power of identity, how much it means to find your tribe. I agree with what one of the participants said, it should be compulsory. It won't have meaning for everyone, but for most people I think it would hugely significant and helpful.

  • Suren C Joseph

    What inspired you about this video?i like and hope as much.

  • Lori

    It could be the answer to ending racism. Wouldn't that be a beautiful world.

  • Rachael

    The beauty we see in other cultures is indeed the beauty we see in our own. We are all one.

  • Ray

    .... and Irish and British!!!

  • Ray

    I got my DNA done and boy it was a lot of spit, and I found out my ethnic background was Greek/Italian, Iberian Peninsula, North African! Not what I thought I was!! We are all ONE!

  • Mike Sanders

    It is one of the most inspiring videos that I have ever seen. I have traced my family back to the late 1700s and now I'm awaiting my DNA result with great anticipation.

  • Joyce Marie Matchett

    spreading the word of togetherness

  • Brenda Egan

    People place too much importance on our outside looks and where we are from. We are all earthings, human beings of great diversity. Wonderful video!

  • Barbara Seavy

    Such a beautiful and concrete way to break barriers of prejudice. As the one woman reflected, how can we see anyone as different, less-than, and enemy, etc when we see that we are all of one family.

  • Wendy Bederman

    finding that we are all made up of many things and not just one. We all think we are what we are taught, but we are all related and are never taught that.

  • Anne

    We are who we think we are not

  • Ken

    Oh yes, and just think, we share DNA with the rest of the animal kingdom as well.

  • Jeff

    Arrogant humans...of course we are all related. Ask most people (including me) to tell you about the history of their family, their region, their country and it all gets murky rather quickly. Although it is refreshing to see peoples' eyes opened by this, it's really not all that inspiring to me to see a bunch of egocentric kids sitting around being amazed to learn they're not the center of the universe.

  • Valerie Gilmore

    An incredible message................

  • Suzanne

    This just confirms my belief in a most poignant way that we are all one. x

  • Lavonne casteel

    The very race that I may have prejudice against may be the race that is part of you.. We all come from one man and women so we are all related. I want to know more of my background.

  • Kathy

    We are all connected. If we could just understand this, we could change the world.

  • Lynn B

    As each was shown their points of origin I saw the edges of separation melt into awareness that we are all connected. Citizens of the world, we are!

  • Dave K

    Quick -- someone get some of Donald Trump's spit!!



  • Tommaso Querini

    Just wanted to point out that the whole thing is likely to be staged and the scientific basis are shaky.

  • Clive

    Interesting but neither surprises or inspires me. Looking at the group in the sample, there are some obvious characteristics that would suggest a degree of mobility in their ancestry. I like meeting people from different cultures. As for the guy who was convinced he is all English / British, this shows how many people adopt their country of residence. Look at USA - many of the population describe themselves as American, but then qualify the comment by adding 3rd Generation Irish / Italian etc.

  • Kayla

    I was very inspired to think I have family all around the world

  • Sharon Storbeck

    I just believe that we share a bond that is much great than our minds can comprehend. We are all connected and in light of Orlando, the sooner we understand that the better we will all be

  • Morgana Morgaine

    The heart quality that opened up when participants saw the results...a falling away of "false identities...I found myself tearing up at the power of responses and the joy of it. I want to do this...just where does one have a legitimate DNA screening like this????



  • Helen

    Who I am is not of this body but I find the mixtures that make up this body so wonderfully interesting. This body is a microcosm of all the humanity of this world. We are truly all connected.

  • Karen

    So important to remember, especially after the recent tragedies in Paris and in Orland USA, This video depicts how much we need to remember,how much alike we all are. A must see for everyone. I hope it goes viral.

  • Debby

    It's confirming to see Science substantiate that we are truly all one family. No one can exalt himself or herself over another. There's no Us and Them - just We.

  • Lainie

    Bringing strangers together is so powerful. It is through these types of videos that we are reminded that what all people desire is love and connection with one another. We often get fooled to thinking that governments and their power-mongering, wars represent the ideas and actions of the people from those far off place. But really that's just what the media chooses to show us about these places. We are all the same and desire love and connection with one another. If the media focused on the goodness in our world, we would all have a different perspective and would create so much more positivity and connection with each other. THANK YOU for reminding me that what we all desire is love and connection with one another.

  • Ratnakara

    Not only is it a small world,but one day someone will prove that we are equally connected to all elements that comprises our Cosmos. We are all one and everything is sacred! May peace prevail on Earth and throughout the universe!

  • Kathy

    I want to do this..

  • geetha

    good news!! we are all truly"citizens of the world".It is a very important message to carry with us wherever we go!

  • Carole Berry

    The revelation opened the minds, and possibly,hearts of those who's DNA was not as they expected. They wanted to explore their origins and learn more. Let us all be more accepting.

  • Dick

    What a mind opener!

  • Michael

    I love you all as myself..

  • Sally Wool

    It confirms in modern medical techniques what philosophers and poets and people of faith have been saying - we're all connected ,,

  • Kapil Gaur

    This is awe , most inspiring is that when we know we are somewhere connected to people across boundaries . borders we can create a Global Piece and need to not to spend any extra buck on peice movements.

  • Wayne Lewis

    I have been recently interested in my real genetics by DNA testing; my deceased wife inspired me. Thank you for the research and film.

  • Ian McRae

    Wow ! I always suspected as much, but this video really shows how stupid our prejudices and preconceptions about other people can be. We are really all members of one big family. Let's treat each other like that.

  • Jane

    I think we will ultimately find out that this is just the beginning. That we are really family with the sun and the moon and the stars and the entire universe. It is just what we perceive to separate us that separates us, not what is real.

  • Debbie

    We are all related, we all ultimately come from the same Source of Love and Light. If we only begin to understand this, we can then refuse to be used as pawns by those in power!

  • victor i. ramos

    We humans are not only brothers, we are much more than that, we all are ourselves. Love is the only concept that unites all of us. When we understand that simple issue, then a new world is emerging. Besides LOVE, what is what really matters, we have just simple arithmatic to confirm how close we are one from each other, jut take a simple geometrical progression: if I have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents... and so on, after just 64 generations, how many parents should I have? T 64 = 1 + 2 + 4 + ⋯ + 9 , 223 , 372 , 036 , 854 , 775 , 808 = 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 It´s just imposible if we don't solve it by the interconnection of people from many parts of the world along the times...

  • Suzanne Nystrom

    I agree that this should be compulsory. We do have to be taught to hate. Old Cain and Abel are still at work.

  • rupesh

    everything hard hitting.

  • Deepak

    It is awesome . There is an inner voice which says that if this DNA test could be done on a global scale , all the hatred , violence , wars could be eradicated if the awareness to people across the globe that we are related to each other . Thank you for sharing .

  • Irma

    Very moving! Could I be part of it?

  • Jayanta Kr Sarma

    It can be tool for eradication of racism and discrimination! It will be more interesting if science part of experiments can be highlighted. Help to empower people!

  • Patricia Kenney

    I would like to also kno\\\\ I would like to know more about my DNA. My parents and relatives never shared anything about their ancestors. All I know is my mother was Russian and dad Irish and French.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Great one. 1 is the Word...all 1. Peace

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Shows how interconnected we truly are! I want to do this too!

  • Barbara

    The way it seemed to make everyone more open and vulnerable I would do this in a heartbeat!

  • Libby

    Ending racism and moving toward world peace. Very moving.

  • Dee Roye

    The end of racism - let's do it.

  • Gary

    Truth, is very powerful when one is open to it. This is very inspiring and needs to be shared as often As possible.

  • Chris

    Amazing! I wish everyone in the world could know their own DNA. We are all inter-related in some way. Thanks for sharing.

  • travis

    this needs to be shown on a larger scale to help eliminate bias,prejudice and racisim

  • Cindy

    Profound yet such a simple way to remove racism and other such idiotic barriers. Thankyou!

  • Katie

    We truly are all connected. This is one good way to help people feel united as one - without force, propaganda or hypnotism. Just truth.

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