Conor Curran, a former Marine, is a veteran of the war in Iraq. One summer day in July 2007, while Curran and his squad were patrolling a poor area in the city of Ramadi, Curran encountered an Iraqi who would change his life and teach him about a different kind of power - the power to transform, to grow, to create. After leaving the U.S. armed forces and taking time to heal and reflect, Curran works on projects in his hometown which promote conscious living.


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  • Anupreet

    Thank you for this beautiful sharing. It is such a blessing to be able to be able to witness such magic, in the form of love and compassion. Much love.

  • Riona

    The sincerity and humility displayed in this video are deeply affecting. To reflect on how deeply-felt kindness can leave such an indelible mark is truly, truly inspiring.

  • Tracy

    This is such a powerful message. I wish every school could have Mr Curran come to speak! Certainly many of our elected officials could stand to hear his message of compassion and love. I wish to take his example and bring it to my family and friends as well! Thank You for sharing such a beautiful story

  • Sherryl A Erkkila

    I want to be a part of the change so desperately needed in my community, state, country, planet! I thank Mr. Conor for sharing and putting a voice to the real power of loving your neighbor, even those we may have considered enemies. Love does not have a label that would undermine the Word of God-for God IS love.

  • Diane

    Things are often not as they initially appear. Certainly, Conor's apprehension under the circumstances was understandable. The fact that his heart could open under such dire circumstances is admirable and inspiring. No act of kindness ever goes unnoticed or unfelt. Thank you, Conor, for sharing.

  • Debbie

    Love and Light always wins!


    A moving statement of power of compassion. I realize the Iraqi man has shown the noble act of kindness. In India we say guest is our god in human form, that is what that man has shown. Mr. Conor has reached a path of inner conviction and emerged from the dusts of war. He will inspire thousands more or millions. Let us work for Peace and human dignity. Thank you Conor. Long life to you.

  • Lisa A.Anderson

    That it is amazing how Gods love is sent with the kindness and compassion to spread his love for all of us

  • Marilyn Grisham

    Tears of incredible and utter joy streaming down my face to know the power of love abounds not just within myself but so many like us around the world. Thank you Conor for sharing hope with me and so many others.

  • Zinat Fazal

    Wow! So inspiring! When Conor shares his journey from terrible to wonderful! To change the world is possible when we have more such people like the compassionate Iraqi who changed the welcoming American with his love!

  • Rose

    His eloquence at describing his situation, encounter and life change is filled with heartfelt compassion and awareness. Very inspiring.

  • Lillian Abelson

    Conner seemed to feel every word as he was speaking them. It was more than a story because his voice conveyed so much. It brought me to tears.

  • Regina

    Curran's life-changing experience confirms what I am learning today: how the power of compassion and gratitude affects us and those around us, even in the smallest degree. First and foremost, that we are humans, equal and beautiful, and that everything around us is an opportunity for growth, acceptance, and love. I am so grateful for his story!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Here's to seeing the kindness in the other's eyes. Here's to realizing we are all human. Here's to questioning. Here's to transformation from an act of kindness and a cup of tea! Here's to the love traveling halfway across the world! <3 Thank you for sharing your story. My Dad was a Silent Warrior in Vietnam, he tried to kill himself 5 times and died when I was 22. He never had a chance to share his story as it was highly classified. So glad you were able to come out and get your mind together and see kindness. Hugs from my heart to yours.

  • Deepika

    Conor's story is inspirational because it shows how a simple act of humanity in the worst possible circumstances can change how we view the world. All is not black and white. An experience like this can dramatically change our perspectives and how we relate to others and the world. Thanks so much for sharing your heartfelt story Conor!

  • Heather

    It brought tears to my eyes. This wonderful young man has saved his soul and taught the rest of us how to save ours.

  • Letitia

    Beautiful reminder of kindness and consciousness :)

  • julia

    Thank You for sharing. We have a time bank in a little town of Santa Maria da Feira in Portugal where the door is always open to anyone and at 17:00 everyday all are welcome to share a cup of herbal tea. Over these cups we share our fears, kindness, love and services. It is here that many lessons of empathy are learnt and compassion is shown. The power of looking a man in his eyes and sizing him up has now been spread worldwide through the power of mindfulness. I certainly will share your video and spread the power of a cup of tea.

  • Tessa maskell

    Just marvellous! Sound was low and don't know how to increase that, but it was loud enough to really enjoy this young man. Here is soul leadership!

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Love is the strongest force the world possesses and yet it is the humblest .

  • carrie

    I appreciate seeing a bar that tells the length of time the video is. I need to plan my time when I can enjoy the video without interruption. Where is the time line bar?

  • Aabha

    The power of love and the ability of the Iraqi man to love his enemy in the worst of situation. Incredible to say the least!

  • Amol T Tope

    Agree , kindness and being down right human is the most important virtue is a gret reminder that we can continue to relate as humans each time ...easier said than done .....once done easier to emulate

  • Joni

    It confirmed my conviction that kindness is the most effective human quality.

  • Brian

    Thanks always Team! Quite a testimony about the power of love...A little bit of love goes a long we plant a little seed in the mind, and we get credit for any effort...Peace on Earth!

  • Thyagaraju

    The power in the world to dominate!

  • Jane R

    What a smart man you were to come thru your PTSD and still see that truth - Where the real power in life is. Although I don't participate in formal religion anymore (because they seem to always twist things) this is what Jesus Christ was all about. The power and happiness in your life is living it with compassion and love - real love.

  • Ilene Beninson

    Authentic and profound compassion to bring out the love in us all!

  • Evelyn

    Honesty and compassion!

  • maggie

    so inspiring - brings hope for a world of peace instead of a world of war.

  • Pete

    A great example of the trans formative power of compassion, instead of hatred and fear

  • James

    Conor, thank you for sharing that story. Love and compassion are the most powerful weapons. !

  • Eko Noble

    This is certainly a very inspired and inspiring talk. Wondering of KarmaTube is in touch with him, as he was a student when he gave this talk in 2011? It would be interesting to see how his work in the world has unfolded.

  • Eko Noble

    This is certainly a very inspired and inspiring talk. Wondering of KarmaTube is in touch with him, as he was a student when he gave this talk in 2011? It would be interesting to see how his work in the work has unfolded.

  • pua

    Hi honesty, openness and courage to share his vulnerability. Conor Curran is an honorable marine!

  • Lisa

    What inspired you about this video? Conor was able to leave the cycle of good vs. bad that only seemingly is one about facts. His conclusions are very brave, and he certainly adds to the goodness in the world.

  • Babita Thakker

    I admire this young marine to change his life for the positive. Many of us get these opportunities but we overlook and keep going. Thank you. I hope I can be more loving to my family members.

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