There is no better time to paint the world with joy than today, Blake Grigsby reminds us in this inspiring video. In a time when we are surrounded with horrific headlines, Blake encourages us to bring color to "this bleached landscape" with simple acts of kindness. Choose joy everyday! Smile at strangers, tell people you love them and share compliments. These small acts of generosity ripple outward endlessly and revitalize our world.


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  • Dawn Meyer

    Being the change that you would like in the world is a huge step toward changing what is going on around us. We have to be the leaders into that new world. We have to create that world! Thank you, Blake, for being one of those leaders!

  • Deb Schein

    My own work is in spiritual development for young children. One of the components is of the definition of spirituality that emerged as I researched a definition of spirituality for all children thus avoiding talk of god and religion was JOY. On a more personal note...I cannot look at what is playing over and over again on TV. For me, as declared in this video, it only perpetuates the hate. I would like to leave the world a better place, a good place, full of joy and peace. Thanks for starting the process. D

  • Barbara

    Thanks for making a stand, taking the blows and speaking out to make a point - a very important one. x

  • Rajshree Sharma

    What inspired you about this video? Of course it's a nice effort.But don't you think this idea already in existence in India inform of a festival Holi.On the last day of Indian calender ie. Fagun Purnima there is Holika dahan and next day Holi is being played . With lots of colors &water.

  • Nilesh Thali

    Great initiative by a young person to create something. Sure i'm perplexed by the "friendly" violence of throwing balloons at you (wouldn't it be just as much fun to throw it onto the canvas), but that's just my critical mind. Keep rockin' it!

  • Rhoda Schlamm

    I love Blake's spirit of joy and encouragement to spread good will around by small acts of fun and kindness, but we need more mindfulness and get creative in different ways about doing that. You don't have to add to the pollution of our planet by throwing toxic paint at others wearing plastic capes even in the name of fun or spray chemicals in red powder into the air like he did. These only contribute to our already serious air pollution and the nondegradable plastic clogging and killing marine life in our oceans. While spreading joy, let's be conscious of our environment and find other simple ways to be kind and do nice things for people as well as ourselves to lift up from all the tragedies going on in the world.

  • Loriel Golden

    "Choose Joy" is a very important message. Saying good things to strangers and our families and friends is very important. However, continuing to pour poisons into the air and play with toxic materials that harm the Earth is certainly not choosing joy for Mother Earth. The means are the end. Choose to spread joy by PLANTING TREES, FLOWERS, FEEDING THE HUNGRY, CARING FOR THE ELDERLY, DANCING, NOT PLAYING WITH POISONOUS PAINTS.

  • Debra Lingren

    Spoken from the heart where the truth is and the truth will set us all free!

  • Liz Mitten Ryan

    Lovely message but I don't understand what you are doing with the colored smoke or is it paint you are spraying in the air. Is that good for the earth?

  • Paula

    The integrity and truth of the message! Inspirational!!!

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  • Take a look at these 10 reasons to add joy to your life! What you can give freely to your community to spread joy?
  • Make colorful collages of inspiring words and leave them for friends and strangers. 
  • Take time each day to notice and appreciate the people around you. Smile and say hello to a stranger on the street! 

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