When a little yellow car drove into Toni Powell’s life, she had no idea how much it would alter her ability to handle stress and worry. This funny true story tells of a moment of epiphany in a suburban street and offers a memorable tool that anyone can use to help make their life calmer.


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  • Jody

    A great reminder that we tend to judge others most harshly for the things WE do!

  • Lindsay

    Hi Caroline. See what you mean. I suppose my point was that the commentator was mocking the person for being angry about it. In fact they treated the whole thing like a show put on for them with little sympathy for the distress caused and damage to the earth.

  • Caroline

    Lindsay, of course you could be mad about this yellow little car, but would being mad change anything about what happened to the plantations ? Your anger would just be useless, even if it is justified. It would'nt help you in any way. I understand what you say, I make myself mad about yellow cars on a daily basis, but in the end, my anger is just poisoning me, and nobody else.

  • ADC

    I appreciated that shared a less than flattering (and extremely human) slice of your life to help the world understand our less than flattering moments can be transformed through reflection, compassion and asking for help. It takes great courage to do this. Thank you for being brave enough to let us learn your wisdom.

  • Bobbi

    It's a funny reminder not to waste our precious time sweating the small stuff. Or even the big stuff we can't change... It might not be a nefariously parked little yellow car, but I fret over plenty of silly things. Love the cute animation of the video and Toni Powell's charming accent too!

  • Lindsay

    If someone parked on my 'nature strip' I would be mad, assuming there was something planted underneath. I found this singularly uninspiring to be frank. It is mocking others.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    It's just a yellow car. :) Great reminder! Though I wish you would have been more compassionate from the start and not make fun of them. Glad you eventually saw yourself in the situation. HUGS from my heart to yours.

  • BTW

    I think I will also be reminding myself almost daily..."It's just a yellow car" about so many insignificant "catastrophies" about which I am bound to obsess. Thank you!

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  • Toni Powell is a storyteller, author, and speaker from Australia. Watch Happiness for Worryworts, a talk by Powell which includes the story of the Yellow Car.
  • Read the Science of Stress to find out how our minds and bodies affect one another in difficult times.
  • Meditation and gratitude are two ways to a healthier, happier life.

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