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Brothers Atman and Ali Smith, and their "brother from another mother" Andres Gonzales decided in college that after they graduated, they were going to do something about the suffering they saw in the world, in a holistic way. They moved back into the neighborhood they grew up in, and started an after-school program for the problem children in a school around the corner from their childhood home. Watch what love and compassion can do for children who live in the equivalent of a war zone in Baltimore, Maryland.


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  • Donna

    Love the simplicity and heart of what they do. Don't need special equipment, don't need exhaustive 5 -year plans focused on "results" , don't need to solve every societal problem. Just need to give, to love, to inspire and thereby change the world, one person, one child, one breath at a time. Bravo, Gentleman! Beautiful and important work!

  • Nancy

    I am impressed and inspired by these three young men who care about the kids!!

  • James

    Everything about these young men and their work was impressive. I especially like the emphasis on learning to control one's body and mind through yoga and healthy living and thinking. Bless you, brothers, for your love and transformative work with all of the wonderful people.

  • Jimmy

    If love people and people get to know that you love them; you became Beloved. Thank you for giving and caring for others. Love also an act of giving.

  • 1

    Thank you SO much for what you are doing in the world. This is such important work. You are changing the path of these kids.

  • Lori

    Thank you for being the people you are. You are lights in our world.

  • Wayne

    Their vision, dedication and perseverance...the introduction of conscious breathing and meditation...the results of the program.

  • Babita Thakker

    God bless this Team with good health,peace andcontentment. Thank you

  • Brooke

    The last decade of my life has been spent traveling to different indigenous cultures with my family of 6 trying to understand peace and happiness through the eyes of these elders in other parts of the world. What we found wasn't surprising but fleeting for many of us humans? The answers across the board were basic, really. Empathy, gratitude, compassion and connection/understanding of self and to others. Most emphasized seeing and feeling while living. Self awareness....what is our footprint? We came back to the US determined to find an organization doing this work with kids. We found them in Atman, Ali and Andy. This incredible A team leads with love and brilliance. Enstein said "we can't change the world's problems with the same mind's that created them". These 3 are teaching kids to have a better relationship with themselves so they in turn can have a better relationship with others and the world around them. Their model teaches the teacher. We have watched them do this for the last 3 years in varied communities leaving kids empowered with a toolbox that studies now prove does help with more self-control, improved focus, better math scores, reduce stress, less anxiety, better sleep, less depression, less ADHD symptoms and more kindness. This is the world that our kids want to live in. So thank you, HLF and hope that you can continue to branch out to other cities like you have in Boston with your workshops to teach kids how to be mindfulness mentors at their schools. It works!

  • Jena Waters

    Everyone is connected, we all are connected! "WHOLE"Listic ! My Big wish is that the "news " we are fed as a society by the media today, CHANGE to one that is filled with Inspirational stories like this one, one person, many persons making a change in the circle in which they live their lives, environmental good , health and wellness! Imagine just for a moment being shown these types of messages day after day, week after week and what it would contribute to our mental and physical well being ! I have done so and it leaves me feeling joyful! imagining that when I left my home in the morning I would feel inspired to do my best and act my best and when I looked into a strangers eyes they would no longer be that , a stranger, but a fellow brother or sister, mother or father . The smile on my face and one on theirs would tell me they have the same feeling and we all can spread love instead of fear and hate and separation that is being fed to us now. We all know that many stories of inspiration are out there being done everyday, we are just not shown them. these stories need to be in "our face" not crimes and injustices and the "what might Happen". I shall keep wishing and continue to be the change I wish to see in "our World" - thank you for your part in inspiring all of us young Brothers!

  • Mary

    I grew up in an abusive home and suffered from a war zone syndrome. When I discovered yoga and meditation at 60 yrs. of age, it has literally saved my life and look how these inspiring young men are using it to save the lives of those beautiful children as well as the Universe. Would love to meet their mom. She must be extraordinary as well. Atman, Ali and Andres: YOU ROCK!

  • Tilda

    Wow, these guys are so awesome....helping our youth is so important

  • Elaine

    I was moved to check out how to donate to this work: hlfinc.org.

  • Shrenik

    Wow! I appreciate the courage, commitment and the compassion of these young men to bring about a change in the lives of so many seemingly disadvantaged children.

  • Sara

    What a fantastic tool they are teaching to bring people a different way of reacting to life which gives them peace of mind and real consciousness.

  • Roselie Bambrey

    Giving dissavantaged children belief in their own bodies and in their control over themselves. Yoga is an amazing path to inner strenghth, stability, and quiet. These young men are doing great work.

  • Jann Sullivan

    I heard these inspiring young men speak at the Mindful Life Conference in DC last year. They are so full of heart for their challenged community in Baltimore and so willing to help other communities get started doing this kind of work!

  • Carolyn Dobis

    WOW These three young man give me faith that love is all around us and they are willing to share theirs for others who are in such need. God bless each one of them and all the children that are in need of such a gift.

  • Pete Burns

    The love they give !

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Being there for others irrespective of whatever it takes .

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    How wonderful to bring yoga and mindfulness into the schools for kids who are often ignored. These guys are what heroes look like. Here's to breathing, here's to going inward and feeling some peace. Being present can make so much impact, thank you! Here's to loving these kids and having compassion!! So much yes! Hugs from my heart to yours!

  • nadya alvarado

    congratulations on a job well done ..keep in with the iniciative it is great..

  • Brian Duncan

    Thanks Team. What a blessing...helping the Children learn to deal with their energy in a positive way...peace

  • Cindy

    Heroes, all three. Kudos to these incredible young men.

  • Towanda a M Allen

    Powerful work, please remember ALL children are SUFFERING! It is our job as adults to love, protect and remind them of their inter Essence! Way to go guys! Keep up the great work, know that the BEST is yet to come and stay blessed! :) Towanda M Allen Author, Online talk show host, Inspirational Speaker and more!

  • Jan Smith

    It didn't cost a lot, it just required an investment of time, love & compassion.

  • Patty

    Incredibly…it's so simple and it works. I am a mentor in a couple schools. The average time a child gets from an adult is 1/2 per month. Look how these movements reduce the odds!

  • Branham

    All from the heart.What a diferance you are making!!!

  • Suzanne

    I am inspired by the love and dedication of these wonderful human beings changing and saving young lives and taping into their spirituality.

  • Sheila Edwards

    Wonderful peole doing wonderful work

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