When we think of early education, we often default to visions of desks and rote memorization. We don’t think of schooling as an outdoor activity. Enter the Forest School, which takes children outside to learn through experience, enabling children to develop physical skills, self-confidence, self-esteem and a love for the environment they may otherwise never gain. Forest Schools' early roots are based in Scandinavia, but now there are practitioners across the world. This video shows the benefits of independent, child-led activities in the richness of an outdoor environment, rain or shine.


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  • Barbara Schwartzbach

    I am a long time educator. I taught at an outdoor nursery school. Children learn from Nature so many life skills. My children also went to a progressive school that valued and encouraged child centered development. Keep the kiddos playing, creating using their senses. To much technology early changes the brain.

  • Kathy

    I so loved watching and listening to the children playing in the forest! So refreshing! Some of the children may have wanted to come to "America" but I think the "middle of nowhere" is much more inviting! What a lovely reprieve in the middle of my day! Thank you for the video and kudos to those teaching children through these types of outdoor activities. They will, no doubt, be healthier adults who raise healthier children themselves.

  • Paul

    This is whole being education. Just what every urban kid needs.

  • Linda Brody

    Thank you for sharing your work and project! I loved watching and feeling the excitement of the children as well as the dedication of the adults. I am lucky to teach in a school in the U.S. that also values outside time on a playground with lots of trees, where children get to climb, explore and really get into the dirt,and where we take them into the woods on hikes and camping trips! I would love to be able to carry this on, to further enrich what we do, to put the benefits of outdoor education into clear and inspiring formats for parents, and to learn more from your organization. Do you have any printed material or other videos you can share with me and that I can share with my school community? Do you ever offer workshops in the United States, and if so where and when? Thank you!

  • Nina

    this is so inspiring , allowing the children to move and use their bodies and sensing, everything , that is real learning!

  • Carol

    I feel so happy watching this video. I want a school like this for ME. I'm 65.

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Inspiring . This video must be circulated globally .

  • Cindy

    Wishing this was offered everywhere!

  • Tani

    How childhood is honored and valued and how inspirational the work of early childhood teachers is!

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