"Before the Flood," captures a three-year personal journey alongside Academy Award-winning actor and U.N. Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio as he interviews individuals from every facet of society in both developing and developed nations who provide unique, impassioned and pragmatic views on what must be done today and in the future to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet. The film was released on October 30, 2016 and made available free by National Geographic through November 8, 2016. The "Before the Flood" website shows ways in which you can watch the full movie.


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  • Heiko

    After watching Before the Flood, I calculated and compensated my 2016 #CO2 emissions on http://www.myclimate.org for 164€ (including family and flat mate). car: 2.6t, flights: 1.9t heating: 1.7t, renewable electricity: 0.04t

  • Rose Jansse

    Nothing I haven't seen it yet

  • Cindy

    So grateful this was offered here, thankyou.

  • Sue Hearon

    What inspired me is that we have the knowledge to fix this. What sickens and frightens me is that we are not using it and in this and many countries it is primarily due to greed. We need to accept personal responsibility in our actions and demand corporate and political responsibility and accountability in theirs.

  • Admin

    The full movie is now available until midnight of election day in the U.S. - 8 November 2016.

  • Jane Husted

    Inspired and Depresses! Passion is in the Heart of Leo, you can see it, hear it, and Feel his Passion. I want what's best to happen also but, I feel, This will, and can happen when This Earth Family, ALL the people, share Leo's Passion! As I leave my home to go Vote, which is a privelege, I know it is also a privilege to be alive on this Earth, on this day, at this moment. Time will tell what happens Leo, Thank You for your time to share this, your passion for this project. We must share the passion,today! Time is running out for This Earthly Family. I leave a more informed person after watching this Leo, however it leaves my heart both inspired and depressed!! JH

  • Carolyn Barber

    DiCaprio for President. Heck, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

  • Patricia

    I enjoyed this documentary very much. In ways it opened my eyes, in others, it helped me realize how much I already do to help. Good job to everyone involved in helping to make a difference.

  • Robert Romanyshyn

    A powerful and emotionally moving film that inspires hope. The marriage of scientific facts and images of the Earth touch the depths of the heart, which is the essential first step in changing minds. Beyond anger, beyond anxiety, beyond feeling overwhelmed and turning away, I felt a deep sense of sorrow over what we have done and are doing. I felt this sorrow when in 2009 I experienced the beauty of the Antarctic, whose silence , solitude, and stillness awakened in me how far we have distanced ourselves from nature. In that landscape so far from home I began to feel that I was on the way home. Grief is and can be the beginning of homecoming.

  • Rebecca Douglas

    My sincere thanks to everyone involved in the creation and sharing of this video. This comprehensive and understandable information provided a current update on the EARTH and the importance of each one of us waking up to the serious reality that "NOW is the time" to be involved in the solutions. Please keep the information coming. Mighty-fine work.

  • Sr. Kate McKillop

    we have a responsibility to all citizens of the world to be evaluating our life styles. Each one of us effects the lives of others if we continually use fossils fuels for our own convenience. We must seriously look to use renewable energy in our everyday lives. By our example we can set the standard for other people to follow. Call the "powers to be" the leaders to truly push for change regardless of the inconvenience to themselves and others. If we do with less, then the people of the world who have nothing can have more. The scientist must constantly remind the people of the serious of the problem so we don't forget or get lulled into a false sense of hope. Each must do their part, regardless of the personal inconvenience.

  • David Forest Hitchcock

    "As a Christian, historian and poet, I strive to be open to the Spirit of Truth. Too many of those who deny the reality of climate change put themselves on the side of the lie, which is a denial of life, a rebellion against the holy. Pope Francis did well to link the stewardship of the earth with justice for the poor. Amen to that."

  • Linda

    Deeply impressed by this film. Went to carbotax.org as recommended at the end to get a general idea of where our household stands in environmental responsibility & got a number of good ideas to keep the positive changes going which we've already been moving towards--another eye-opener. I agree that this film should be translated & provided as an educational & inspirational tool in every school, library, theatre & other community center on earth & left on the Internet with ongoing promotion free for every human being possible to experience... who is going to step up to do this, to indeed watch & take to heart its lessons, & join the caring world community to put them into effect?

  • Jocelyn Mercado

    Thank you Leo for presenting all of this information in such a compelling way. I love the view of the last scientist that you interviewed: "I have faith in people." Let's all open our hearts, to one another and to the Great Mother, the planet Earth, Gaia. We came from her and we owe everything to her. We humans are capable of anything we set our minds to. We can send a man to the moon, we can cure powerful diseases, we can build amazing & beautiful cities. Certainly we can make the changes required to stop the environmental destruction before it's too late.

  • Jane Kane

    I re-commit to using my voice and consumption, and to educate those around me in their better choices, while supporting those who're working toward instant change politically and practically. Please give full access to this incredible film, so the most can see it effortlessly.

  • Dianne

    Who ever imagined the earth would have to support so many people? Who actually takes this high school drop out seriously? This is just another paid announcement by those who are only interested in themselves... FOR PROFIT. The earth has been changing since the beginning of time! Especially, Gore and Ombams who have mega houses, private planes and servants! Another hoax for profit of those who sold their soul!

  • Elena

    Thank you for this incredible contribution and guide for modern mankind. It is the only relevant issue worldwide which should help governments to focus there attentions only on the greater good of humanity via planetary homeostasis. I too motion that you make this video available fully permanently as it is paramount to have a massive outreach since the research and footage acquired tells the story of mankind at this pivotal moment, our threshold between the success of our race and its obvious interdependence and reliance on/with the ecosystem. I have read some of the comments in this mega thread... and I am seeing just how unclear the minds of man have become, muddled by consumption and needs as it has been sold to us all... the inability to make choices or to even know what the choices are. To reiterate from this documentary.... making personal changes that count for altering the detriment to our planet and race starts with your feeding, transportation and at home energy use habits. Cease or minimise immediately all: 1) Feeding - Processed Food (foods which have long labels of essentially poisons - if you don't understand what the ingredient is and has loads of E numbers, palm oil, flavoring, etc. it's not a food and should be vehemently avoided. 2) Meat (obviously!) and dairy products - Eating these foods is heinously unconscious and the excuse of 'being raised with it' or 'tradition' or 'I just can't imagine my life without it' is really just a nice label for addiction and the laziness to not find new ways to eat and be a truly healthful and vibrant human being. 3) Driving your car everywhere all the time. It really is ok and quite great to walk in your city and conduct much of your business in this way. And if there were less cars walking would be such a pleasure! As it is now the noise, pollution and danger that cars just naturally possess is making living in cities an absolutely horrendous experience with that feeling of literally 'no escape'. 4) Energy use at home... Switch things off... you don't need all your gadgets running. There are fabulous ways to use way less water if you just put your thinking cap on and these options actually enrich your life strangely. There are also some unique ways to keep warm and cool... We can't control population expansion as some of the comments suggest. We do not need to have a mass culling. This is wrong thinking. What we need is a conscious use of resources. Business will implode.. these corporate empires will fall because they will be of no use or service to humanity. Hallelujah! Down with the destroyers. The sun and wind to our aide. As you know we have mastered the harnessing of these powers... but are still overly concerned with money needed to implement. But, as ever, money is not the issue, and in fact is a non-issue and should not be considered as an excuse to not fully implement clean energy today. Governments love spending impossible sums of money to fight 'this war' and 'that terrorist' but the only true war is one we are fighting against ourselves and we are winning - taking down the earth entire with us. Anyways... this documentary has re-awakend me as it is so easy to get caught up in the game of life and lose sight of the bigger picture. Astounding work Leo and all. What a brilliant gift you have made. Holy smoke, it's brilliant!

  • alejandra Garcia

    This video was very informative in bringing awearness.However, I think it be helpful to give more example, as to what people must "buy" to help in the change. Keep in mind that many people don't have the means to pick and choose what they want in regards to food, shelter, transpertatipn, etc....

  • Babulal Banthia

    I would request you to make this movie available to all people on earth to view free after November 7, 2016. Change only happens after people realize in their heart that whatever they are doing is killing them in the long ru. All those powerful and wealthy climate deniers in US and elsewhere must be massively boycotted of whatever products they are producing. That is the only way those people will change. It needs a big movement.

  • Duncan

    Look India adds 18 million new people per year.....other countries China 8 million, and Bangledesh, Pakistan, Israel, Nigeria have outrageous birth rates.....unless we control this issue all the other actions will be nullified......

  • Deirdre A. Cole

    We inhabitants of Earth should all be immensely grateful to scientists and citizens like Mr. DiCaprio who are devoting their energy, their lives, their knowledge, and their courage to study and communicate to others the supreme danger this planet is now facing. Millions of peopke need to see this documentary. How can we help this happen? leo people

  • Jo T N Murphy

    I am inspired to prompt discussion on this subject at every opportunity. Also to further examine links to corporate resistance....and counter denial of climate change catastrophe. Bonne chance!

  • victoria

    I love our earth and the natural beauty and resources that sustain us a as humans. I was shocked at the selfish and inhuman ignorance that is becoming a way of belief. When humans disregard the need to be responsible for this earth and trade this earth, the beauty the needed resources for money and power through secret combinations and selfish government/business officials then the humans lose. Money and power is not more important than the pure goodness of the people and this earth and all of its resources that it was intended to be used for. I do not not believe that global warming is the biggest problem that we have but it is a result, a consequence of the biggest problem which is the value system of the people. Values such as personal responsibility, unselfishness, simple lifestyles,not wasting, human kindness and respect. The list goes on! The people that are selfish and power and money hungry are allowing this chaos to occur. This earth has a purpose and this purpose is being ignored and used to its demise.

  • Donald

    A good film The choice is ours - sit and ask others to do something or do something ourselves. We all need to do something today, simply by changing our diet, walking a bit more and living a healthy lifestyle which in turn will help Earth and humanity.

  • Cedrus Monte

    The turn around is so profoundly possible....if only we could see things in terms of the common good rather than strictly personal gain. The possible practical solutions are so inspiring, and doable. It's stunning. I think the question, or one of them, might be, How do we find a way to see that respect for life, devotion to the common good as well as love of natural beauty is what brings us life? At the moment, it seems we are blinded to that, and can therefore not take advantage of these very possible solutions. Thank you so much for this film. All of you.

  • Ellen Johnson-Fay

    Excellent, informative, challenging! We can see so clearly how the United States is a major culprit in the crisis and how difficult it is to get people here to change their lifestyle even when they believe in climate change, and also how deeply people who refuse to believe this reality hold onto their ignorance. I also appreciate the awareness that the tragic consequences of this situation affect the poorest, least responsible people. "What we've don't to the world is criminal" is accurate. I don't know the answer to turning this around, and do know that educating people about the urgency of the need for a change is a necessary step. Many people are making changes, not nearly what is needed, but this is how we reach a critical turning point and save what we can. Deep gratitude to Leonardo DiCaprio for dedicating his life to this effort and to all whom he interviewed for adding their voices!


    This movie opened my eyes to the tremendous problem that we are facing. I had no idea of how bad things are in our planet. Our industry is just a devouring cancer to our earth. I am inspired to do as much as I can to help saving our planet.

  • lyn

    I would like to enlighten Leaonardo into the effects of CHEMTRAILS, which is one of the prime culprits of drought and climate change in the world right now. Please Leonardo dont forget to include this in climate change equation. Thanks for being a light in this dark world.

  • Anne Baring

    This movie is so clear and so comprehensive, why could you not extend the time limit beyond the 7th? What are you planning to do with it after the cut-off point?

  • Anne Baring

    Why isn't this video/movie in every cinema NOW? If this doesn't happen, nothing will change.

  • Jehna

    Amazing! Wow! Learned so much from watching this video. I think of our future generation what will be left for them! This video has inspired me to change how I participate on this planet earth going forward.

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  • How can you consume differently? By buying fresh, local produce, you can have an impact in so many ways. What other changes can you make?

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