Who among us does not depend on fresh air as the source of our life and well-being? As one Ecuadoran elder said, "It is from the amazon that the breath of the world comes; without the amazon the world would not breathe.". Our rain forests are all that stand between us and catastrophic climate change. Watch this video and then share it with everyone you know who likes to breathe fresh air.


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  • Douglas Shane

    In response to the comments by Kristin Pedemonti, allow me to comment that, in my experience, corporate and business "leaders" know, but do not care, about the environmental damage their activities engender. For example, in 1980, I was involved in arranging three Congressional hearings, held by the Subcommittee on International Organizations of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. During the hearings, leaders in many of the activities involved in development and conservation in tropical deforestation presented testimonies and educated one another. Most anyway: I observed that a congressman from Indiana dozed through each hearing - Dan Quayle! My own involvement in researching the Latin American beef cattle industry and its exports brought matters to a head for McDonald's (not "guilty" of using imported beef from tropical forest areas) and Burger King and Jack in the Box (both guilty). The latter threatened a law suit until I revealed that the information was told to me by their own P.R. person. My point is that the Congressional hearings and the efforts of numerous non-profit organizations, have attempted to educate the business community to no, or little, avail. Profits continue to predominate. As Bob Dylan once observed, "Money doesn't talk - it swears!" So, I've found Kristin Pedemonti's Web site and will be in touch with her to learn more, from her, about her work.

  • Douglas Shane

    My wife brought KarmaTube to my attention and I've been viewing the videos on the site. Some offer hope and some, despair. I became involved in the Rain Forest Movement in 1976 when I was writing text for a new botany hall at Canada's (then) National Museum of Natural Sciences (now the Canadian Museum of Nature). What I learned prompted me to research tropical deforestation and the Museum subsequently sent me on a year-long odyssey through 13 countries in Central and South America to interview scientists, government officials, and workers in the capitals and remote regions, to investigate efforts in development and conservation in rain forest areas. Upon returning from Latin America, I worked in Washington, D.C., doing consulting projects for the State Department (during the Carter Administration, government cared in those days!) and several non-profits like the World Wildlife Fund and the Humane Society of the U.S. It was during this period, 1978 through the early 1990's, that public awareness of the destruction of rain forests in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and equatorial Africa, grew, then waned. Popular interests in "Save the Rain Forest!" bumper stickers and Rain Forest Crunch faded as short attention spans allowed pop culture to return to its usual preeminence in the collective consciousness. Components of the Rain Forest Movement included warnings of climate change and global warming and the destruction of forests for beef cattle production and petroleum and gold exploration, all of which are deadly for the environment and the people who live there - as well as the entire planet. Now, decades later - and very late, indeed! - we are seeing a renewed awareness of the need to protect and conserve the vital resources of the Earth's forests, oceans, rivers, and air. Whether it is too late, only time will tell.

  • Dolly

    This video fills me with extreme sadness and despair for our beautiful earth and all the animals we share it with. It also fills me with anger and fury that big business has the power to take people's land, to desecrate the rainforests or any land they choose for their own gain because of greed. Ultimately it fills me with fear for our future. I love this earth and its beauty and the animals so much and it destroys my joy to see it ruined like it is. I want to do more to help and be part of the solution.

  • Jackie Butler

    There are oils that are gifts of the earth and are abundant in the Amazon. These are "essential oils" that can provide the peoples of the Amazon and the world with many blessings without destroying the rain forest.

  • Kathleen Corona

    Greed can no longer live in the Amazon - spread the word and support the mission of the indigenous people of the Amazon. They have a WORLD Mission, WORLD Vision, and WORLD Values - supporting every single living thing on earth.

  • Heart

    Thank you Kristin for your comment. I agree, we need to speak to the ear that Can Hear. Hope we All can Unite to work together. Blessings

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    1st, thank you for sharing your story of Ecuador. I 100% agree with your views about protecting the rain forest. I teach Presentation Skills for development orgs. From my experience, unfortunately, the way your content is stated is not what those in power or in oil companies can hear. They need to know more specifically what is happening in statistics + in how destroying rain forest impacts them directly because very sadly they do not care if it impacts others. They are focused so much on their perception of monetary gain, they cannot hear your message. Many in the oil & gas industry & in power do not believe what they are doing has a direct connection to climate change. The direct connection needs to be even more clearly shown. I am happy to be of service & help with the message. 1st question to ask is, "what will those who do not believe they ate impacting climate change by extracting oil be able to hear?" Thank you again for all you do to being important messages to us. I believe in what you're doing & am with you. Kindest regards Kristin

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  • Make a choice to walk when you can, bike where you can and use public transportation whenever you have the opportunity.

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