A film by Elle Prema Gould and Joan Lauren.

"When you are feeling one with nature, then the healing process starts." This loving tribute by a long time student to Pujyashree Chitrabhanuji, Elle Prema Gould, and Joan Lauren, explores the teacher's perspective on the importance of attunement with our natural environment. Born in 1922, Chitrabhanuji trained as a monk and lived as a Jain ascetic hidden in the mountains and forests. Since 1970, he has been tirelessly sharing publicly his realization of the need to appreciate the sanctity of all life and to build solidarity in the larger family of mankind.


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  • Melissa

    This is so beautiful and amazing. The information provided resonates with my soul. :)

  • Maura

    Exquisite on so many levels: visually, plus the choice of music, plus the simple but wise words. This is very healing and uplifting xoxoxoxoxo

  • Nik

    WOW!!! This is such a beautiful, insightful, inspiring video! Chitrabhanuji is an extraordinary teacher and human being. Thank you so much for sharing this film and his wisdom-filled message, Karmatube!!

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  • Jainism puts a high value on all life. Consider visiting your local animal rescue shelter or community garden and donating your time this month.

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