In 1999 Liz Mitten Ryan, award-winning artist, mother of six and founder of a successful fine art publishing company in Vancouver, moved with her architect husband, and a herd of eleven horses, to Gateway 2 Ranch -- a 320-acre slice of paradise nestled in the grasslands of British Columbia. For several months their home was a simple tent in the midst of an enchanted landscape studded with lakes, wild flowers, emerald hills and whispering woods. In this vast solitude it became customary for Liz to spend her days following the herd. Communing with them she began to recognize their deep gift for connection to all of life, and how being in their presence awakened that sense of connection within her own heart. Thus began the path of her deepest calling -- to connect with animals and spirit and to share that understanding with the world as best she could. Watch the entire, award-winning film on her work: "Herd: A Spiritual Journey." 


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  • Catherine Hegazi

    music, landscape, interactions with the animals, emotional healing

  • Bharti

    Mother Earth N Mother Nature are healers.I lost my soul n finding in Nature

  • Becky

    This film was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could go there.... but even watching it was so soothing. Thank you.

  • Nancy Behn

    Nature has really inspired me, seeing the animals and the lovely enviroment.

  • Leslie Gernon

    I firmly believe that nature is the healer and people (like Liz) are merely the guides. The implicit connection between the horse-beings and the human-beings was palpable (also the cow-being, dog-beings, cat-being).

  • Linda Buonome

    So very beautiful. Such truth with all that embodies animals.

  • Polly

    The respect of other species as humans opened to themselves and the world around them. Wonderful. The way life should be.

  • Penny

    A million words could not capture the profoundness of the film. It touched all aspects of my being.

  • Jan Romine

    The love of animals and nature is healing in itself.

  • Mish

    Beautiful & deeply moving. A healing watch. Bless all animals (& humans) ❤️

  • Tammy

    Everything. I have been dreaming about being able to offer Equine Therapy such as this. However, access to Land is becoming more and more out-of-reach for most people worldwide.

  • Kay

    So beautiful, so healing!

  • Del

    The energy connection of One energy between animals and humans.

  • johnny

    {Operation Decolonization/Matthew 9:17} canada is breaking International laws and violating the Rights of Indigenous Peoples & Indigenous Laws. #Wetsuwetenstrong #AllLifeMatters

  • johnny

    to see more privileged white colonists promoting the fact they have so much of Indigenous stolen land...

  • Shoshana Avree

    It was so heartfelt, authentic, raw, moving.. and magnificent on so many levels.. I'd love to have our Shamanic reunion on your property one year... we get the Oneness.. and it's always great to be connected.. Thank you for this.. truly beautiful

  • Charlene Lepore

    Oh my what a beautiful story and it also helped me at where I am in my life right now.

  • Mourningdove

    I loved the thoughtful pace of this film. I loved the intimacy shared by the people and by the animals. It was so easy to relate to them and to feel what they were feeling. It was an opportunity to experience healing of my own. The setting was spectacular and the music supported everything in a beautiful and peaceful way I absolutely loved it.

  • Theresa Wiebe

    Beautiful and thoughtful.

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