Writing in his journal, nine year old Abeer speaks of his frustrations with having to always prove himself at school and at home, never being allowed to be himself. His heartfelt and eye-opening words remind us that each child really is unique and should be cherished as such. The poignant message is, "Don't look at who your child could be, but who your child is." As Abeer points out, if children truly are the best gift, "you're not supposed to fix the best gift."


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  • Kristin Pdemonti

    Powerful. May more parents & teachers pressure their children LESS. Allow them to share their gifts <3

  • Adonia

    The irony that the cover says Do Not Open yet... you know the rest.

  • Hermann Gams

    It shows perfectly the simplicity of life itself...esüecially it´s a wonderful reminder that we have all the gifts in us already. Thank you so much Archana and the whole Asmakam-team !

  • Ruby Grace

    How much we are all controlled by the dictates of this culture. So much that we can't see what is happening right before our very eyes. May we ALL wake up and come home to ourselves.

  • Archana

    It's so heart touching to see our short film "the Lost Gift|" included on such divine and inspiring platforms of Karma Tube and Daily Goods. We are an unschooled family and Asmakam -www.asmakam.org is our initiative to create awareness in parents and society on state of current education system and self learning options available for children. Sincere gratitude and love to everyone who watched and shared our short film among their social networks. We hope they the message of this film inspires parents to become conscious parents, and educators and institutes to become sensitive to the little divine souls they are in service for.

  • bob

    omg I cant stop crying.. I thought we moved ahead but we havent.. the same old type of education.. this is sooo powerful.. am so glad you exist to send us potent and powerful short films.. thank you!! Im send this to all my facebook group pages!!! right now... it has to stop early.. for if it continues it happens in high schools and colleges and corporations and a while life is LOST and shattered.. bring back SUMMERHIL by AS Neil (and check out this film as well: https://store.der.org/imagine-a-school-summerhill-p735.aspx )

  • Bev

    Children are our future. Take time and listen to and observe them allow them to explore their world. Adults can learn from children we don't always need to be in control.

  • carol h kondrath

    I appreciate the couple I know who does see who their child is and I realize this is a challenge and great opportunity every day. Sending loving hope and health to all families. It was also wonderful to see another culture. We are all one and unique.

  • Jam

    Now at this time where we are rebuilding our societies, it is important to take lessons from the children who come here unjaded and with a brilliant inner knowing we can all benefit from. Who is to say we've been doing it right? Where has it all gotten us but lost in insignificant things like greed and power when those are simply evidence of being cutoff from the endless well of benevolence that is SOURCE. Let us learn from the children that if you don't want to do something its your inner guidance telling you its not for you. We would all live much more genuine happy lives with such transparency.

  • Sam

    The questions to ask; “what is important?”, “what is success?”, “what is progress?” Sometimes what is important to the parents is not important to the child. Gifts exchange when there is a dialog in this relationship. It takes wisdom to be a parent and to listen, and hear who they are and still guide them on their path.

  • Lavina

    Beautiful message and picturisation. Brillient


    very realistic & hard hitting, eye opening .....

  • Barbara

    Wow!!! What a powerful message. It definitely needs to be spread around the world so all parents and parents-to-be can see and read this. xx

  • Shadakshary

    Very much inspired by watching this video

  • Deepak Shah

    How infectious is our greed and insecurity, that we have forgotten faith in higher self and want to paint the world as per our colors which are already polluted. Forcing to child is like a snatching the branch to get flower

  • Cornelia

    The utmost truth is written and the emotional take of this boy to let him just be. Himself. Listening to what he has to say, truly deep listening and not carving out a life, where he needs to be something, present soemthing for the outside world and to satisfy the parents, but to just be, with ginity love and opportunities to unfold and grow as a person.

  • Bradley Stoll

    I have a 17 and 20 year old. I made many mistakes when my kids were younger; I continue to error, although hopefully not as much and not as badly. I could've used this film 20 years ago...but I probably wouldn't have listened; I wasn't ready for it. I am a very different person today than I was 20 years ago. I think every new parent should watch and listen to Abeer's words. In fact, I'm going to send this to my students, who might be prospective parents.

  • Betty Brown

    Such a touching film and well done. I think another mistake parents often make is based on the fact that they want their children to be better than they are and “he’s not going to make all the mistakes and do the stupid things I did. “ Too bad their isn’t good schooling for parenting. Children often suffer from our stupidity and fears.

  • Colleen Flanagan

    I do not have children, however I recognize that once we accept the expectations other than our own we lose a piece of ourselves until we forget who we really are, and we pass this on to the next generation. Like Kahil Gabran (sp?)wrote - Children are a gift and see them as so - they will go out into the world as themselves, not another drone of societal expectations.

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