Imaginations run wild in this touching video of young children as they explore their surroundings at an outdoor nursery in Scotland. With admirable patience and unwavering deliberation, they build an aeroplane and travel the world without ever leaving the ground. Press play to witness the human mind's capacity for creativity, connection, and joy of discovery.


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  • Irene

    Oh come on, Vranna. The boy didn't dominated the others: they were playing with him.

  • Ellen M.

    I am a mother of 2 daughters - now adult daughters. I gave my daughters the opportunity for creative play when they were young like these beautiful children. I am proud of that part of my parenting. I have always appreciated the beauty of imagination and after watching this film, I mourn the loss of my own. This film has inspired me to put myself in a place of beauty to allow myself to just be and feel and experience life. Thank you to the film makers for this beautiful story. I too had a reaction to the common belief about boys and girls contributions to the greater world. It is still a fact and we must continue to break down that inequality. We can all hope it will change.

  • vranna hinck

    It was hard for me to watch a situation where one boy dominated everyone with his airplane. I also feel that the comment about it being too "difficult" for girls to go to "bloke land" are part of the same attitude about boys being the "doers" and girls being unsuccessful. Seems like the kids brought these things to the party rather than the kids actually being free explorers in a wonderful world. all to common and all too sad and all too time to be ready to change

  • Patrick Watters

    We were born with an innate appreciation for all Creation, which the “world” has stolen from us. }:-( 💔~❤️ Recover it we must for the sake of humanity and Creation. Mitakuye oyasin, hozho naasha doo.

  • Mary Blue

    Exactly my world.......each day of my growing up years. I lived on a farm and Indiana. I had 3 brothers older than I and I spent all my time having make believe friends in make believe places. Wonderful experience and much satisfaction came from those creative times...........I provided my 3 children times with the same.....It makes me happy to see my grandchildren and now great grands passing along the same. This experience is freeing at any age and cleansing to the "soul" ......(I'm 84 years old.... I volunteer at nature park/ historic Adams Mill in IN. each summer)

  • Dr Garfield Pennington

    It is an amazing example for us of what children should be doing day by day in their young lives. Bravo! We have been trying to do similar things here in Canada, but find that the bureaucracy if a major obstacle to overcome. These kinds of documents certainly help.

  • Norma

    The anything is possible perspective that children have. They have such few limits. Inspires me to shed the limits I gathered as I aged.

  • Joellen Gilchrist

    Darling children, their interesting conversation, beautiful scenes of the forest,...everything was perfect!

  • Jane Jackson

    I was moved by the rhythm of the video, in tune both with nature and with the pace of the children, and by how the children interact with each other.

  • Thomas Howell

    Wonderful children doing amazing things. Playing so well together making things out of nature to just have fun. I loved this video.

  • maria fenty

    How do we connect to a Forest? We 'Log-on." Brains on Nature, Green Rx, Park Rx, Forest schools. Hope lives.

  • Ron

    The Imagination & Creativity of Children, which too many adults have shut down.

  • Michelle

    I can sense the extent of the forest by the bird song.Watching the beginning of how people learn to work together is fascinating.

  • Ankit

    Very interesting conversation among kids. so natural, sweet and healthy.

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