Jane Goodall - acclaimed primatologist, environmentalist and UN Messenger of Peace - needs no introduction. However, how many of us know how she got started? How she got to be where she is today? This beautiful tribute, using narration from a lecture Goodall delivered at Concordia University in March 2014, shares stories from Goodall's childhood and the inspiration and support she received from her mother.


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  • Mona Wolfert

    For starters I love Jane Goodall. But the inspiration & special part of this video is how Jane's mother treated her daughter's curiousity of animals. Jane's mother gave her wings to fly, encouraged her, never held her back....that is so important. Not only because Jane was a girl but with any child. Nurture & let children explore what they want to. Who cares if they get dirty & wet. What a beautiful story. <3

  • Deepak

    Inspirational . Thank you Jane for who you are and Bless you .

  • Yvonne

    The simplicity of. Everything said

  • Babulal Banthia

    This is a great story of a true caring person of all lives. She is an inspiration to me to not wanting to hurt any living being intentionally. Of course, this video would have been great without music in the background, as some of us with failing hearing find background noise distracting.

  • Lorna Glynn-Jones

    A beautiful summers day in UK but this topped it with Janes beautiful story. How can all Mums be so advanced with their children.. my Mum bless her who had a little support from her Mother used to say to me when I asked 'WHY" all my childhood, would say "Z" I loved her of course.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. The stories shared are a treasure in the world. Great story of how Jane was encouraged to follow her light within. Here's to helping the Children find their light within, to nurture this world of ours. Peace on Earth.

  • steve zimmett

    Jane Goodall - She is a very beautiful person and so is her mother. I just wish there were more people like her. I believe her seeds were sowed many years ago

  • patricia

    The absolutely unconditional love of Jane's mother. Jane's curiosity, diligence & acceptance of the value of all sentient beings. Sat Nam!

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  • Learn about Jane Goodall the work of the Jane Goodall Institute.
  • Jane Goodall founded Roots & Shoots to empower children and youth around the globe to take on local environmental conservation projects.
  • “If you really want something, and really work hard, and take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way.” Jane Goodall

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