Just in time for the millions of students around the world preparing for the milestone of graduation, comes this powerful music video! Written by be-the-change rapper Nimo Patel in India and animated by the French animators 'Superfruit Collective', it features a chorus of students from the Philippines, and excerpts from a graduation speech in the United States by ServiceSpace founder Nipun Mehta -- a true global labor-of-love collaboration! Whether or not you are graduating this year, the profound messages of this song, the catchy tune, compelling animation, and the energy behind it are bound to lift your day.


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  • Lisa

    Incredible. Perfectly timed for the seniors making this Rite of Passage during COVID. Thank you so much. I will share this.

  • sunil

    I like this video...

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  • Learn more about the story behind this song and listen to more of Nimo's music.
  • Watch "An Antidote to Paradoxical Times," Nipun Mehta's full speech to the graduating class of Harker School.
  • Do something today in the spirit of lighting a candle on someone else's path.

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