South Asian Hip Hop Artists Nimo, Swap, and KB wrote this song aptly titled, “Ode to Women” ten years ago. A decade later they reunited along with the inspiring filmmaker, Ellie Walton, to bring us this powerful music video. Filmed in India, the country of their mother's births, this message hits close to home where women are continuing to fight for equality. This video is a breath of fresh air, especially because it's a celebration of women from the male perspective. Dedicated to their mothers and women all over the world, "Ode to Women" is the first bilingual song released by Empty Hands Music.


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  • Martha

    Check this O U T !!

  • Micky

    I've listened to this song so many times. The video is everything I could have hoped for. There is so much beauty and joy in each scene. The museum and paintings is such a perfect way to honor the women in our lives. Thank you Nimo and Empty Hands and the entire video production team. With gratitude and love. ♥

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Love and gratitude to everyone involved in the video. Great work. Very inspiring. Here's to Women all over the world....1love...peace through U

  • Nina

    To see Asian men showing such respect and honour to (their) women publicly is amazing. Good on these guys for being quite brave about it, it is moving. However would they show much compassion or respect to women in general i.e. Women who are not their revered and 'pure' 'queens' -mothers and wives...?

  • Ellen Springwind-Smith

    I was so deeply touched by the recognition of the impact that mothers and women had on these men's lives. Tears flowed, heart opened. I felt a deep healing in watching and hearing it. I am so grateful for this awareness and uplifting, honoring and appreciating mothers, women, girls from being made to walk behind to walking beside men as valued partners and huge contributors to Life.

  • Deepak

    Thank you . The value of women in today's world .

  • steve zimmett


  • Marian Call

    The recognition of the importance of women!

  • Chad

    Nimo does it again and again and again and again! Forever inspired! Love you Brother!

  • Krishan

    This song always gives me such chills. So grateful to Nimo, Swap and KB for creating this, and all the women that inspired this.

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