While Detroit faces significant impoverishment and decline, two novice farmers saw an opportunity to revive the city's urban landscape by transforming an abandoned home into a small farm and greenhouse. "I could just leave the house and let it fall down [...] or I could do something positive with it," says Donnie, one of the farmers who led the initiative. Click play to learn more about this devoted duo's efforts to plant seeds of hope in an area dominated by despair.


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  • Detroit has a poverty rate nearly three times higher than the national average—roughly 35%. Check out this article to learn about 5 ways to fight poverty.
  • Complement this video by learning about Detroit Kitchen Connect, an organization that seeks to make kitchens more accessible and turn neighborhoods into food entrepreneurship hubs.
  • What ideas, projects, or initiatives have you abandoned because they seemed hopeless? Make a list of ways you might consider bringing them back to life.

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