"White butterflies are a process, not an event," says artist Milan Rai of the simple shapes he places in unexpected and sometimes neglected areas to surprise and delight and transform objects as well as people. Rather than creating art for a gallery, Rai brings his art installations to the city, where people can get close to it, interact with it, allow it to move them. The result is remarkable -- the butterflies have spread from Nepal to Scotland to over 15 countries. "Maybe the butterflies remind the people of the little things, maybe it revives their senses that enjoy little things, that is why they connected so well. Likewise, for me, butterflies are love. . . and for others, it's a part of their story." Watch this brief interview with Rai and see for yourself what the butterflies mean to you.


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  • Kathleen

    What a beautiful and inspiring story! It reminds us how we too can evolve through creating and sharing (just like a butterfly!), and that it is indeed "the little things" that matter! I would like to share two songs I wrote called "Butterfly" and "The Little Things", in hopes they may further inspire all the little (and big!) artists out there..! "Butterfly": https://youtu.be/Y08Q2Hdr0jA "The Little Things": https://youtu.be/xcpbPR_qL18 ,

  • tina

    The simplicity and beauty really pleased my soul

  • Peb

    The simplicity and peacefulness.

  • Annette

    I like how the public got involved in the process making it a connection with the artist, other individuals, the cities, the objects themselves and what they mean to each person.

  • Sheila

    its simplicity and beauty

  • Jrs

    Simplicity, beauty and hope

  • Deepak

    Thank you . A great way of spreading around the globe , There are no boundaries for love , purity or sincerity .

  • Caroline

    What a great idea! Spreading joy and making the world more beautiful with selfless giving--I LOVE how he didn't mind that the people would take his art because he understood the value it has for them. Love this story!

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