This one-minute video by the Norwegian Directorate of Children, Youth and Family Affairs has gone viral, touching the hearts of over 650,000 viewers in the first three hours of its release. Take a look at just how easy it is to make a difference.


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  • Emily Anne Jensen

    Always think of the other.

  • Sam

    Those children understood the sadness of that young boy. Without his knowledge they filled his box. It is a great blessing when the young minds learn to give to others, when they are in need.

  • Nancy May

    Howard Coon, You are awesome! May you be blessed every day.

  • Howard Coon

    It is so simple and so direct. The first thing humanity needs to do is feed the hungry. To me that goes without saying. I would exchange every weapon in our overstocked arsenal for food for the hungry and should the avaricious and greedy come preying on our now defenceless body we shall drown their greed in our love.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    How easy it is to share <3

  • bko

    That love was felt without words or credits given, and a feeling that this is what defines the warmth of their environment they are creating for eachother

  • Deepak

    Awesome . Touched , moved and inspired .

  • Moose

    A lot of us have so much. Let's start sharing, even if it is a little. A little can go a long way.


    Help others and share u r happiness.

  • Ravinder

    The subtle and simple way it has been presented.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. If we teach the Children the joy we can get from purposeful lives in sharing, the world will be a different place. Great video. Let's be encouraged, and focus on the good in the world. Like a Farmer planting wheat. With wheat, there are always going to be weeds (tares), yet we focus on the wheat, and "keep keepin on" planting hope...May we strengthen our resolve to shine light on Earth. Peace

  • Frank

    Children are often less removed from their divine heritage. It seems the older we become the less we remember and believe that the kingdom of heaven, LOVE, is within us.

  • Towanda Allen

    This is how we where raised, none of our friends ever went hungry! When you teach your children to be givers and to be of service. This is what you get! Priceless! Thanks for the reminder and stay blessed! Towanda

  • shelly

    we are here to help each other along----this video captures this perfectly. nothing in this sad world is worse than a hungry child---something so unnecessary if only . . .in a coarsening world, this message of kindness and caring for each other is of the utmost importance. thank you for sharing this---

  • Betsi

    The simplicity of being kind is so pure........we adults could learn a lot from this video........very WARMING :)

  • Rose

    Noticing the world, individuals outside of our own life and giving of our hearts and resources, however small, with dignity and respect.

  • Catherine

    That gave me the chills....simple acts of kindness make ALL the difference. Beautiful.

  • Heather

    I enjoyed the fact that not only did this child's classmates share their food but they also allowed him to maintain his dignity. T

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