What would you think if you heard of two people smuggling 500 pieces of children’s artwork into the Guggenheim, one of the most famous art museums in the world? Would it sound ridiculous? Beautiful? Funny? Like a waste of time? Well, in this fun video, you’ll get to see this happen thanks to Brad and Kristi Montague of the Montague Workshop, a project dedicated to doing things for kids—including smuggling artwork. And though Brad and Kristi succeed, their endeavor bears a surprise message about hope, one that startlingly reminds us that things don't necessarily have to be the way we think they are.


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  • Kathy Harville

    Just about EVERYTHING...Brad and Kristi, what the kids did, how much it meant to me right now w/ our Country in such "Presidential/Political chaos", continued global warming, wars, personal loss, etc. It actually inspired HOPE in me when I didn't necessarily feel that was possible. Thanks is not enough, but that's all I have!! Sincerely, Kathy Harville Redmond, OR 97756

  • Ella de Jong

    Ahh, just BEAUTIFUL !! What a message the children and you two give us! The variety of the children work, the respect of how you talk about them and what you did with their work: THANK YOU! warm smile , from a Dutch teacher to the kids and to you Brad and Kristi !! I'll post it on LinkedIn today. As a trainer I try to inspire people to be creative with the youth they guide, coach, raise ...

  • Mary

    I love the freedom children feel about creating from their heart. And even if the individual pieces are different, the message is the same - no race, no gender. Beautifully done. PS. Is it possible to buy postcards?

  • Dianne Murphey

    It is stronger than any of us. As an educator I was initially concerned with the modeling of illegal smuggling. Then, the actual message of hope being wherever we are is vitally strong. Excellent message. It makes me very excited to watch the children's art in the Guggenheim. Many thanks, Dianne Murphey

  • Vinod Eshwer

    Hope is where YOU wonderful minds are :)

  • bunny

    Just amazing what a creative and inspiring work.....Thanks a lot for doing it .

  • Yasmin

    Love this so much. The initiative, the inspiration, the respect to the children, just adorable, and give me HOPE ! Thank you to that couple. With hugs xxx

  • zenki

    It reminds us if what is really important : )

  • Avi Beker

    Amazing work...bringing the healing energy of the children's to humanity. love & light ♥

  • Susan Clark

    Amazing! Love this!! Thank you!

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  • Meet Brad and Kristi by visiting the Montague Workshop website.
  • Listen to this brief talk by the spiritual teacher and writer Eckhart Tolle about the power that lies in not identifying ourselves with our thoughts.
  • Act on something—big or small—that you have hope for.

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