A film by HooplaHa.

This video highlights the inspirational life and work of Cesar Cruz, the first male Mexican immigrant in Harvard University's Doctorate in Education Leadership Development. He is an educator and gang violence prevention advocate and the Dean of students at a large high school where he inspires his students and helps young people to find their inner gifts. As co-founder of the Homies' Empowerment Program, he works to build community through recognizing the gifts that every person brings to that community.


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  • Jaime Richards

    Would love to meet Cesar and talk to him about sharing his favorite ideas about education with my student teachers at National University. Please contact me. I admire you so much!

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  • Learn more about Homies' Empowerment Program. 
  • Watch this short video on Homeboy Industries.
  • The next time you are tempted to judge someone, shift your focus to considering what their inner gifts might be and how you might connect through those gifts.

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