Sharing a story from his own life, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks points out that it is the people who are most unlike us who make us grow. In this powerful and timely talk, he charges us to collectively get back to telling our story, to share where we come from, and the ideals by which we live. If we can do that we can become strong enough to welcome others to share our lives and our aspirations. In this way we can face any fear that we come upon because we will all know that we won't be facing it alone.


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  • Marjolaine Hébert

    We are living in a time of 'I', and every day I wonder who is teaching our children otherwise. Society, community, these signify 'us' lest we allow it to disappear. Rabbi Sacks reminds us of its significance; a global pandemic reminds us of its importance.

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  • Respond to world crises through Active Hope
  • Whenever the word "self" comes to you today, substitute it with the word "other," to help to build a collective perspective.

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