At the heart of this story of the Aravind Eye Care System is how an impossible dream, one man's vision of preventing all unnecessary blindness, has become a global system of compassionate care for all. Founded in southern India more than 40 years ago by Dr. V., a true visionary, Aravind is now the largest provider of eye care in the world. Even more remarkable is the fact that people receive care at Aravind eye hospitals whether or not they can pay for it. No one is turned away and all receive the same dignity and high quality of care. Aravind reaches out to rural people who cannot access care in the cities for exams and if necessary transports them to a hospital for surgery. When needed supplies became too costly Aravind set up a manufacturing system to make them at greatly reduced costs. The Aravind system is an inspiring example of self reliance, frugality and equity in the world of increasing health care costs and barriers to care.


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  • Chi

    Defying the norms and showing that there's another way!

  • Joyce

    Healing. Compassion. Grace.

  • Cathy Moore

    I met Dr. V in 2000. He was and still is an inspiration. And the Aravind Eye Care system is too.

  • Manuel Vicente

    The vison to considered all equals, we are all humans.

  • mia

    For those interested in donation information, please go to:

  • Kate Grant

    Thank you for sharing this Wonderful Item. It clearly shows the way we as Humanity Can & Need to Live by taking Responsibility. This is Real Humanity/Community in action. It Inspired me to speed up my efforts to awaken my Consciousness & Conscience so that I can learn this skill more quickly & accurately & so enjoy what it means to LIVE.

  • Mansukh Shah

    Simmply beautiful. How can one donate to this worgwhile cause ?

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  • Learn more about Aravind's extraordinary and equitable system of eye care.
  • Become familiar with the global work of Unite for Sight.
  • Look around yourself right now in gratefulness for all that you can see.

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