Located in London, the Missing People Choir consists of families with missing loved ones and volunteers who want to sing with them, bringing powerful support at times of tremendous grief. By coming together with others who have experienced such a traumatic loss, people are given strength and hope. "Where words end, music carries on" as choir members reach out to their missing loved ones by raising their voices in unison. The Choir has performed on Britain's Got Talent to much acclaim.


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  • Annie

    Once you know that your loved one is dead, you bury, there is a place you go to visit, pay homage. You say a proper good bye, hoping to meet them in future. Its very painful not knowing what happened... happening. Trying to connect with the missing, through music - soul of emotions is touching

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Not everyone deserves to be missing, but some do and some are.

  • Jyoti

    Missing a person to death and to UNKNOWN are very very different. Death tells you you will never see him/ her ever again and unknown says keep waiting, you never know some day......! How painful. Support and empathy heals grief

  • allan g brookstone

    Music is a language in itslef: one of the heart because little or no mind is required to do it well.

  • Steve

    A very touching story about people who care. Every one i sure wish could see this video

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Deeply beautiful and also heartwrenching. So glad this choir was formed for connection.

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