In 1992 Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld woke up in a hospital bed, severely injured and unaware of what brought him there. All he knew was a message his friend James Layne gave him in his dreams. “Danny, what are you doing here? You need to get back down there.” Brodsky-Chenfeld survived and, in spite of his doctor’s diagnosis and predictions, went on to pursue his dreams. Now a motivational speaker, Brodsky-Chenfeld’s mission is to help “people to discover confidence in themselves they didn’t know they had and faith in the world they didn’t know it deserved.”


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  • Helen

    The line “Not to surrender to the constraints of my reality”...whatever the outcome may or may not have been.

  • Joanna

    Hearing Dan's story and experience reminds me that we all have llimitations in some way. His story is inspiring because he consciously made the choice to not accept these and sounds like he made the choice to continue on with his dream and what he wanted. I'm reminded we must do that. To decode to overcome any limitation and to know we will achieve greatness and victory even in adverse and limiting conditions.

  • Donald

    I do not feel empowered to adequately comment on this video, one complains too much about ones own life and in doing so we miss the opportunity to be who we want to be. The key message to me is to have a dream and work to achieve that dream no matter what the odds or set backs, all in life is achievable. Thanks for sharing this remarkable story.

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  • Learn more about Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld's remarkable journey and what it can teach you.
  • We all procrastinate sometimes.  Discover three steps to motivate yourself that are backed by science.
  • Know someone else that is struggling to reach their dreams?  Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement from those we love.

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