What people are exposed to early in their lives can have an impact on their future endeavors. Sangduen "Lek" Chailert grew up with a love of animals, to the point where she was ridiculed for spending time with them. When she was 16, she saw elephants being abused at a logging camp, and she felt compelled to change the way humans and animals interact with each other. She came to the realization that elephants have a right to be on this planet and to not be exploited for human entertainment or profit. Lek founded the Elephant Nature Park in 1996, where elephants live safe and free. Lek employs some people who once abused these beautiful animals and have learned by her example how to care for them with appreciation and respect.


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  • Rosalind

    The beauty and simplicity of her love and spirit is inspiring

  • Marylou Sanchez

    My respect, appreciation and Honor for Lek, Thank You SOOO Much for your Love and Care and for showing that human beings are capable of choosing a better way of existing. Bless YOU

  • Marie

    Her love of the elephants is inspiring, so moving! The way she has gone about trying to make the enemy her friend and the friends of the elephants is not only beautiful but so intelligent. What a lovely human being - god bless her and her efforts!

  • jukelion.com

    What inspired you about this video?yourname# free all animals

  • felix görnitz

    sonne ist alles danke sonne

  • Cindy

    What a beautiful human being!

  • Deborah Nelson

    I am inspired by this woman's gentle nature, AND her strength. She is fearless. And she has taken the Path of Right Action.

  • Liz Mitten Ryan

    Beautiful! Such LOVE! Bless you Lek Chailert!

  • Cindy

    What inspired me was Lek's passion for these animals and her forgiveness towards her enemies, takes lots of guts and love to do that. What a wonderful life, to be moving, in the presence of angels (the elephants) and breathe clean air and be close to the animals is a dream for lots of us, that do the opposite. Blessings

  • Susan

    Lek did not let her being a woman in a culture that suppresses woman leadership. She said it well when she said." Animals are born for their own reason (their own sake)-- they have a right to live (naturally) on this planet." If we see the problem we can do something -- we can find a solution. Defeat is assured if we give up without trying. We must do what is in our power and never stop, despite opposition, threats, and becoming a target of hatred. The animals are our kin; they have a right to their own domain and to live without human abuse.

  • Kay

    My heart breaks when I see torment of any creatures. Blessings to Lek for this wonderful sanctuary!

  • Nancy Di Giorgio

    When I was five my parents brought me to the Columbus Ohio Zoo. So little I was an empath - felt this one elephant's pain - this elephant reared up and with her snout showered me with water. I never forgot this I am now 70 but while I did not understand it then - this elephant showered me with her grace of understanding - this elephant is my power animal now and protector still.I work with Ganesha-Ji the elephant of wisdom and I thank those like Lek who work like I do to protect all animals. Blessings for this video. I will do more for elephant rights now. Blessings.

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  • Learn more about how you can help the Elephant Nature Park
  • Read about animal abuse in circuses for the sake of human entertainment.
  • Don't buy anything made of ivory, which is made from elephant tusks, and consider other ways which you can support the humane treatment of animals.

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