Honey bees have been around for millions of years, and contribute to about one third of the food we eat worldwide. But they are facing enormous challenges, just like the rest of us on the rapidly changing planet we call home. In 2017, bee keepers in the United States lost 40% of their colonies. However, backyard beekeeping is something simple anyone can do. Watch this uplifting video and learn about "Bee Guardians;" backyard beekeepers whose main vision is providing safe habitats for bees to thrive and maintain their genetic diversity.


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  • HAH

    he's protecting bees and learning from nature ..........his heart and actions are in the right place

  • peace w baxter

    I just feel such gratitude to the bee Guardians..to the one who is designing these fabulous homes for them to survive dramatic temperature changes and teaches us the importance of helping them thrive and survive..Thank you for sharing this lovely video!

  • bridge

    I love the way he creates new hive designs based on what the bees need and like, not just on making it easier for people to get honey. I will definitely work with this approach when I start my first hives next spring!!

  • Kathleen

    I never realized there was an organization to protect bees. It is good to know that someone is taking the swarms and giving the bees a new home.

  • simon sleeman

    A friend passed it on...great work....

  • Barbara

    This fabulous work shows that there is an answer to the question 'What can I do, I'm only one person?'. This is the most powerful we can be 'as one person'. I love the quote "They're not doing it for the honey, they're doing it for the genetics of the bees." Big thanks to this wonderful and inspiring Bee Guardian.

  • gayathri subramanian

    ThriveLove, PosterityLove, LegacyLove to all Beess out there and the natural beekeepers! Very happiee to see this video :))

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you so much for showing something we CAN do. It's been a bit harder to hold onto hope these days. PS I have a few friends who have their own bees, it's wonderful! I love the observation and cathedral hive!!!! I'm so grateful for your work!

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  • Learn more about the mission of Bee Guardians.
  • Widen your perspective on the relationship between humans and bees in this article by Corwin Bell.
  • Make a small corner in your backyard or your neighborhood a sanctuary for the diversity of life. It can be as simple as a leaf pile providing shade, moisture and protection for small creatures like earthworms.

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