Empty Hands Music once again brings together the creative collaboration of Nimo Patel, Daniel Nahmod, and Ellie Walton for another heart-warming music video speaking to the challenging socio-political climate of the world. “We Shall Overcome: Love Will Rise Again," captures the message that both Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. represented: that love is the only option no matter what our circumstances. Enjoy this ‘goosebumper’ of a music video - an inspiring anthem for modern day humanity.


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  • Karen C

    It's a celebration of what love looks like so anyone can recognize it when it is present.

  • Ayo Handy-Kendi

    Yes, we will get through this with Love. Thank you for the reminder.

  • Sarah Carson

    Awesome!! My heart swelled right up! Thank you. Peace and Love to You!! .

  • Karen

    all the children of all colors. They and us will determine the future for all of us.

  • Carla

    Love Will Overcome

  • Susan

    This song really speaks to the time we are living in now. The tune and music really is catchy. Easy to sing to and easy to listen to as well.

  • Barbara

    Wow! Tears, happiness, gratitude. It's good to be reminded that there is so much love in this world. Every second we can each make the choice between love or hate, love or indifference, love or apathy or lethargy. BE KIND - it is always a choice. With much love and big gratitude for those who are leading the way. xx

  • Bibi

    Thank you, Nimo and all in the video and behind it’s making, Thank you, all commentators - who truly heard the message -yes, we will overcome, love will rise as surely as our breath keeping us alive, as certain as the sun rising each morning keeping our planet living.

  • Vickie Wyatt

    "Let's all lead the way --- make love great again."

  • Jerri

    Wow 💕 THank you ! Perfect Timing! 💕I recently moved back to the US after 8 years and was feeling and seeing lethargy and low vibes in the people all around ! I saw the first Radiant Being yesterday after a month of being here observing and Hopeing and Praying for a sign💕 I will join this LOVE MOVEMENT 💕 THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE💕 THank you for reminding me and INSPIRING ME TO SEE AGAIN THAT LOVE IS THE ANSWER💕

  • Olivia Oso

    thank you for the beauty and hope that this music and video portrays...it lifts me up

  • Rose

    I but am a product of the 60's, peace marches, Flower children, loving and really caring for everyone. We THOUGHT we'd started something big. But it didn't seem to last like we dreamed it would. The young and inspired of today are the change waving again. This time we will overcome and love will prevail. Thank you for this beautiful video.

  • Ramona

    1. The Beatles' sign ("All you Need is Love"), 2. the song itself "We Shall Overcome," and 3. the last message: "FOR THE WORLD TO CHANGE, WE MUST START WITHIN OUR OWN HEARTS." XO Thanks!

  • Vicky

    Another beautiful message from a great musician and loving soul.

  • Eileen

    I loved this video and want to hear more of the same. There is so much fear and violence in our world we need to focus on love. Everything comes from either love or fear..... Thank you

  • Steve

    Dale Carnegie once said in his. Book how to stop worrring and start living many times what you say to people can make. A difference. He is speaking about love and compassion. I met a girl today and told her she's was very attractive so. Do not be afraid to tell other people what you feel.

  • Ximena

    I love this video, we absolutely need to show more love! Never forget Mather Theresa's message when she said "I will not walk with you against war, but do call me to walk with you for peace"! Fighting against only grows the message of what you are going against. LOVE is the strongest force in the universe, the more we connect to it, the more of it we have! More songs like this one, beautiful!!!!! Thank you!

  • Mary

    It exists! It was created !! It is truth !!!

  • Chad Harper

    Big Brother Nimo, Gratitude for crossing paths with you on this journey. Celebrating overcoming by choosing love in as many interactions as I can. Getting better day by day...Thabk you for such a beautiful reminder.

  • nimo

    Every moment we bring love, tolerance, non-judgement, compassion, into as many interactions in our day, we are being the most optimal instrument we can be for this amazing planet. This is what this song is about: It is us rising again. Us choosing love in as many moments in our day as possible. It is a new evolution for humanity. One heart at a time. Love

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  • Download the "We Shall Overcome” Mp3 as a gift from Empty Hands Music.
  • Take time to learn about the experiences in South Africa that taught Mahatma Gandhi the lesson’s of non-violence he later shared with the world.
  • Today, bring love, kindness, gifts or smiles into a much needed part of your life where negative energy exists (at work, with your partner, or someone with whom you may have a challenging relationship).

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