According to the Campaign to End Loneliness, there are 1.2 million chronically lonely older people and 9 million lonely people in the UK. Have we forgotten how to make friends? In this video, young children show us how it’s done with strangers in a coffee shop. Touching and funny, their openness and love are like beacons of hope reminding us what it’s like to live without baggage or barriers. If we were more like them, the world would be a less lonely place, with more friendships occurring naturally and less people forgotten. It inspires us to be more courageous and accepting--for the benefit of ourselves and others--and to be mindful of those who might be lonely.


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  • v j jose

    As Jesus said you have to be like children The innocent children interact with out any inhibition Very good

  • Jyoti

    Children really know naturally how to connect and how to make people talk, no training in empathy , communication can achieve this open heart and bond. Wonder how we loose this ability in the process of GROWTH and then spend resources to learn it and yet do not get there. This film is very touching

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Touching .

  • vinod

    everybody should be friends with everybody! because we are indeed one big interconnected body, who are presently temporarily disconnected. bravo!

  • Heather

    I was very touched by this video. It is so honest. I would watch a TV series like this. As a disabled person approaching senior life I can really identify with it. This is truly magical.

  • Julian Gresser

    I loved the way the video builds bridges of kindness, warmth, and cheer, between old and young, in the sunshine of smiles and laughter. Actually we propose an antidote to loneliness and it begins with smiling as demonstrated in the video. Please contact us: ;;

  • Cindy

    What inspired me most is the POSSIBILITY that the friendships begun in this coffee shop could become long lasting connections. Lovely little experiment here. I wish adults would accept smiles and conversations with other adults without being fearful of hidden agendas.

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  • Learn more about the Campaign to End Loneliness, which believes that people of all ages need connections that matter.
  • Watch another KarmaTube video about one man who gave up his job in London to end loneliness in his hometown.
  • Today, stick a note in your elderly neighbor’s mailbox to say hello or offer your help.

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