If you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up the answer is never "loved" or "happy" or "peaceful." We put a lot of weight on success, on setting goals and reaching them. And we quantify those accomplishments. How much did you get done today? What is your salary? How big is your house? Even our connections today are quantifiable. You have 500 friends on social media. You scroll through their posts, briefly acknowledging some with a click. How often do we consider the impact of the singular things in our life? It takes more than a moment to truly appreciate the special people around us.


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  • Kamya D.

    Our parents contribution in our life is incredible and at the end we forget their support just for sake of moving ahead in life for those things which are nothing in front of them. That's why God can not be everywhere so he send mother and father to fill that presence of him.

  • Eva Grayzel

    Many things cannot be taught through books but only through modeling the behavior.

  • Sidonie

    The power of love, dedication and gratitude... Truly remarkable and heart-warming!

  • Patrick

    This is perennial truth and wisdom — gratitude, generosity, other-centeredness are desperately needed in our time.

  • Ruth Ann

    I would like to share it with my Sr. High Church School class. It's beautiful.

  • Julie

    I agree with Yvonne, tears flowed freely. Love is our purpose, this conveyed that truth so profoundly.

  • Nita

    The fact that Prajak had his priorities right. The children learnt by the example he set them. my father had the same problem and used to walk away so many times.This video is something I can identify with.

  • renuka

    Children observed the way his sir was taking care of his mother and his unconditional love. This emotion was seeded into the minds of the children indirectly by just observing the actions. They were emotionally connected which keeps them rooted. 2.

  • LaAries Tilliman

    So many things about this video inspired me. But most of all, I love how the kids all joined in to help find his mom. He taught his students compassion through his actions. And the students in turn taught their parents. Love has that kind of ripple effect!

  • Marian

    One word, “MOM”!

  • Yvonne McAskill

    The unconditional love....has moved me to tears.

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  • Take some time today to appreciate the blessings in your life and enjoy the many benefits of gratitude.
  • Start a journal and record the little things that make your life great. Do it just for you, not for the attention on social media.
  • Take the time to tell someone you love them today. Choose someone you don't talk to often, someone who is on your mind a lot but you rarely see.

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