At a young age, Greta Thunberg realized that all of the facts and solutions about how to stop climate change are known. But why aren't we applying this knowledge in order to make a difference? At age 15, Greta started a school strike outside the Swedish Parliament. While many people tell her that she should be in school or that she should study to be a climate scientist, Greta believes that if nobody does anything to stop climate change now, studying for her future will be a waste of time. She is doing what she can to bring attention to this crisis, and has inspired students around the world to take action for the planet.


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  • Julie

    ....look for action, start today !!!!

  • Leslie McLean

    "No one is acting as if there's a crisis." What an amazing, incredibly bright young, glib woman. We need more children like this speaking the truth to us. Because we have failed them, our grandchildren! As a college student at SF State and UC Berkeley I have been marching and fighting since I learned years ago that war was NOT an answer, then I learned this was happening and I've been supporting Union of Concerned Scientists, Doctors without Borders, SPLC and Greenpeace. I'm now a retired resource specialist teacher at 72, so I have more time to sign petitions, walk in the streets, give to organizations I believe do good for the nation and planet. But it's just not enough. Greta is so absolutely right. All of us in these countries with money to burn need to change this planet for the good, not the greedy. Thank you, brilliant, beautiful Greta!

  • Karin Edla

    Dear Greta, I am 71 years old and have been fighting for sustainable practices, civil rights, and against war since I was 19. I applauded you and stand firm on doing something about climate change NOW. We can not wait anymore for politicians to slowly make up their minds. So many of us my age are behind you and are tirelessly working toward a change daily. Stand strong

  • timothy simon

    Greta, the one positive outlook is that we pay more attention to the natural world. The natural world is not polluting itself because it is incapable of doing that. Only we have choices - some of which are destructive. You are bringing awareness of this dilemma and that is a great start. You have my full attention.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Greta shares wisdom in powerful accessible way. More people need to listen & follow her advice, especially those creating policies that impact us all

  • Randy B.

    Gretta, I am 70 years of age and I have devoted much of my adult life to selling, creating and utilizing solar power for water heating, space heating and electricity production. I have been driving EVs for the last 28 years and electric bikes even longer. I have to say that you have captured my heart and I am very inspired by you and am now one of your biggest fans.

  • Carol

    Greta, her personal story, her intelligence, her passionate concern, her powerful presentation, her courage, her cry for the earth, her future, and the future of the human race, and her question....WHY is this not the most important issue in our lives every single day until we insure the healing and sustainability of our Earth.

  • Paul

    She hit home! She went straight to the heart of our ignoring the problem. Talk the talk and walk the walk...

  • Deepak

    Thank you Greta . You were Inspirational .

  • Smita

    Brilliant and effective way to shake us all to act hats off.

  • Sylvie

    You are my inspiration. Just brilliant. Keep the good work.

  • Kristy

    You are an inspiration and I am fighting climate change right beside you across the sea.

  • Cindy

    This brilliant, brave young girl has more brains and courage than 99.9999% of all the rest of us. We need to pay attention and answer her call no matter the sacrifice.

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