A film by Green Renaissance.

Anna Louisa first became interested in Faroese ponies because of a children's book. She soon learned that these enchanting creatures, ponies by size but often called horses due to their strength, were almost extinct. Between 1850 and 1920 large numbers of them were exported from their home in the Faroe Islands. By 1960 there were only five left in the wild. Fortunately they have made a remarkable comeback due largely to "the lady with the horses."


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  • Darwin

    I love the genuine passion and affection shown for the pony, truly beautiful to see!

  • David

    You inspired a lot of people, Anna! Best regards.

  • Roman Jay Almaza

    Great efforts,great work,God bless .

  • Heather

    I just love her passion and commitment to these very special animals. She is an inspiration, as are the ponies!

  • Diane Marie

    Is there a way to donate to her work with the Farcese ponies? Just beautiful imagery! Love you capturing her connection with this lovely book years before!

  • Maria Daniel Brás

    This is extremely beautiful!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful example!

  • Carsten Ulendorf

    The video made me think: Well, maybe you do not have to feel compelled to try and save the world. Maybe it is ok to withdraw and spend your life with something meaningful. I might just try it. PS. I agree that the music is VERY irritating. And if it must be there .... very very much lower.

  • Claire Willis

    thank goodness for people like this who treasure sentient beings

  • Brian

    Why must there be distracting loud piano music(?) drowning out the woman's dialogue? Seems like a competition of who is heard most - well, the pianist I suppose wins.

  • Mbela

    Great efforts,great work,God bless.

  • Sandra Nord

    Such important work by the filmmakers and the woman who rescued the horse breed from extinction. A donation button is needed for both. The audio and video at the end went by too quickly to capture names.sandra

  • Sara Perry

    I couldn’t hear her words over the piano music. I would be happy with no piano music but if it is going to be included turn the volume way down.

  • Jorge Mendez

    Is there an accessible version of the video which uses closed captions, so people with hearing disabilities can watch it, too? Thank you

  • Heng Sure

    If the film-makers are reading these comments, please pull the video and remix the audio then post it back up. It's visually beautiful and I'm sure the story is inspiring but I simply can't understand her words because of the pounding piano music. Whoever mixed the audio needs to cut the volume by two thirds. Please don't hide your powerful message beneath a loud musical score. Either that or provide subtitles. Thanks for the story - - I want to learn and be inspired but the music is blocking the message.

  • Don MacWatt

    What inspired you about this video? I am inspired and touched by this compassionate woman's effort and success in reaching out to and touching another species at the endge of extinction. What a valuable teaching of the effort of one person to make a difference and bring hope to us many who would like to. A light for my personal journey that I will long remember. Thank you.

  • Kare Anderson

    Her evident and purposeful caring for the Faroese ponies and her persistent help and their appreciative responses

  • Cindy

    Beautiful story, beautiful human saving a beautiful species. Thankyou for making this film.

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