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Brandur Patursson is an artist from the Faroe Islands who works with light in the creation of his glass and metal sculptures. After losing 70% of the sight in one eye he started understanding what it is to really see. He realized that we see with our eyes, but how we perceive things is what truly gives them meaning in our lives. If we can literally see and reflect on someone's else's feelings instead of their effect on us, he suggests that we could be more tolerant. This short film is itself a mesmerizing reflection on how opening our eyes to who and what is around us allows us to be moved.


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  • elza

    the Nothingness is so........

  • Sahara

    I was listening so intently to every line spoken in this video..till it ended.It was a time to take myself back to when I was nothing....a moment to reflect upon variables in my life.Yes the PERCEPTION is sometimes what defines us..and how we define things or people around us.I also like the line 'sometimes it is ok not to understand' ..A very understated line yet so powerful!!Thank you Mr Brandur for inspiring many souls like me.And a big congratulations on a well picturised video.Gods blessings

  • Teak

    Oh my gosh. I lost 70 percent of site in my left eye. I am a guide and this just made me feel among others. I lost my father also and I feel as though I have been this way with a my friends Nx strangers. Feeling there not and pain. Yet instead I hope I have I spider through my journey of travel, work, and life. I LOVE ALL AND APPRECIATE EVERYONE!! Chill bump moment. Wow. Love y'all

  • Raheel Chaudhary

    NOTHING..................what an inspirational concept that some time nothing makes you everything.

  • Diane Cunningham

    The journey is every new. The hardships provide new ways of seeing and being. I love the last line.....aging in a world of bliss.

  • Adrian Harris

    “Try things that are uncomfortable because you might just find meaning, you might find something pleasurable, you might find something inspiring if you go beyond comfort”. Oh yes!!

  • Carlton Johnson

    to hear his journey through art and his exploration of vision is quite interesting

  • Randi Stein

    oh, what beauty- the man, the images, the ideas. What a wonderful way to begin my day.

  • Sophia

    Nothing Is everything...open your heart and let the light in and let serendipity free to see. It’s so gratifying to see with your heart instead of your eyes and your mind. The possibilities are endless and bring new meaning to the life we think we know. With loving kindness.

  • claire

    If we can literally see and reflect on someone's else's feelings instead of their effect on us, he suggests that we could be more tolerant.

  • Nonso

    Reflection = Perception is everything... Gratitude...💞🌻☯️

  • Anne Marie Polich

    Beautiful philosophy! He began seeing when he lost sight in one eye. Thank you Brandur.

  • Cletus Zuzarte

    When you lose something you realize its importance! Need to open my eyes and see something deeper, a beautiful reflection!

  • Izumi

    Since we are living in the busy world, doing nothing even for an hour is difficult. But it sounds fantastic to hear doing nothing can lead you to be able to do anything. It really inspired me to listen to what he said. We tend to lose ourselves in the busy time and just doing many unimportant things for killing time and killing our soul purpose.

  • leelah saachi

    EVERYTHING - everything - everything

  • Kay

    Ram Dass also talks about being nothing so you become everything! Very beautiful!

  • Diane

    "Understand what it is to see. You are seeing with your eyes but how you perceive things is actually what has any meaning." Very insightful (pardon the pun)and wonderful that he sees beauty in the world and feels the bliss!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautifully profound <3 oh the dichotomy to think of self as nothing so you can do anything! And yes to the way we perceive as it gets shaped within us + acceptance of what is within and moving through. As a survivor, I agree that overcoming hardship leads to seeing the real beauty. Thank you for sharing Brandur's story <3

  • Carol Beth Icard

    "you have to let things affect you." This four minute film did just that. It is absolutely a gem and I am filled with gratitude to have watched it.

  • Leah

    The insight is lovely. As an elder I agree that the world is pure magic and it's bliss to live in it. Thank you.

  • Tycia Conrad

    The message here is profound! Brilliant!

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  • Learn about Brandur's artistic heritage passed down from his father. 
  • Discover the power of a vision from the heart to promote healing.
  • Try to consciously perceive today something you have seen before but not quite taken in. How does this new perception change how you feel?

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