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Jenny Cullinan dedicates her time to studying and learning from bees in the wild. Spending time with any species in the wild over time leads to understanding of that species as it truly is. She calls this greater understanding wild wisdom. With an allergy to bee stings, instead of being afraid of them she chose to learn how to be with them. She urges us to look at nature's genius and use it as a guide, allowing wild wisdom to restore our relationship with ourselves and with other species.


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  • kz

    For me, this film is a metaphor for embracing what frightens you, to not push away something undesirable (in this case, Jenny is allergic to bee stings). In going towards the unpleasant--even the bigger one of suffering--we encounter insights about ourselves & about whatever it is that we didn't like before. Apart from our minds opening, our hearts do too.

  • Gail Beauregard

    Her deep respect and level of integrity for these wonderful creatures and for Creation as a whole. Bees have taught me so much. I have released fear through the process of rescuing bees from the pool by gently surfacing my hand from below. I allow them to rest on my skin, taking all the time they need to dry in the sun. Their wings as they dry create a sweet vibration. The trust that is cultivated feels sacred. The first time was scary, but I determined I would not flinch. Each time after became a deeper act of love. I have let go of fear of the insect kingdom because of the teaching of bees. God bless you and your work.

  • Sandip sheta

    Something different

  • Barney Bryson

    The logic of natural order. The arrogance of beekeepers that push bees out of their natural order, not enough plants for foraging, not enough water, no respect for neighbors. All while beating their chest claiming they are doing great things for bees all the while killing them slowly.

  • Ralph Orlovick

    btw, I love the term "wild wisdom". That's a keeper.

  • Ralph Orlovick

    I can't say I was "inspirited" but I can say I was moved, perhaps. I didn't know retangular boxs weren't recommended. I'm more intrigued with how Jenny was doing this and the crazy patience involved. I know the importance of bees, not doubt there. We, as a people, are engaged in everyday life and are distracted by its demands. Bees simply arn't in the stew of consciousness. We haven't realized caring for the bees is akin to caring for ourselves. May God help us to become more aware and hopefully save our asses and all the beautiful things around us.

  • Kathleen Corona

    This video confirmed what I'm doing in my front and back yard to support the bees that visit my plants. Habitat is crucial for every living thing on this earth. And, something so small that provides people with a such a product that is so delicious!

  • Kathleen

    how do you suggest creating a natural habitat for our honey bees in colder climates states? if not in a conventional protected box my girls would not survive in a tree over winter. do you make natural bee habitats that protect them in freezing snow weather?

  • Tracey Harrington

    This is one of the most inspiring and hope filled messages I have heard regarding our relationship to nature and our possible transformation at this time. We have a small preschool with a bee garden, pollinator habitat! Thank you!

  • Tina Jones

    The video inspired me on the importance of keeping/creating wild spaces for bees and providing the plants for them to forage. Beautiful inspiring video. Thank you!

  • Hitesh

    Wonderful work. Keep it up!!!

  • Micki Fine

    What wild wisdom. We need to take responsibility for how we contribute to the devastating loss of bees. The most amazing creatures I know need to be treated with care and concern, like Jenny talked about.

  • Judith Hammond

    thank you. this a wonderful video.

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