Diane Knutson is a former National Park Ranger and the creator of the Lights Out Movement in Rapid City, South Dakota. Light pollution not only impacts our view of the universe, but our environment, our individual health, and energy consumption. Not long ago, the starry night sky was clearly visible -- now, songbirds mistake city skylines for the rising sun, eight out of ten children will never see the Milky Way, and exposure to artificial light at night has been linked to physical and mental health problems. Knutson explains the problem with light pollution and provides solutions for regaining a dark sky.


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  • Sharon Lovejoy

    During the last meteor showers my husband and I got into our car and drove 50 miles inland to try to find skies unpolluted by light. In Maine, perched on the edge of a broad bay, the lights from one mile away, across the bay, trespass over the water and illuminate our dark bedroom. It is as if they are close neighbors. I want and need darkness at night and am going to ask our city to direct lighting downward, not out. Turn out your lights and enjoy the mystery and magic of night skies.

  • Mary Connellan

    I live in Ireland and thankfully we only need to travel a short distance to enjoy the stars. Near the coast is wonderful for seeing the stars. But our cities are becoming light polluted. This talk was realistic and offered practical solutions re lighting that will lessen glare and enable us to see the night sky wherever we live. Also challenging us to communicate with our neighbours re turning off lights. Thank you.

  • Kathleen Cassen Mickelson

    I live in an urban area (the Twin Cities, Minnesota) and have stargazed in the Badlands, northern Minnesota and the Pacific Northwest. The difference is incredible when one gets away from urban lighting and into a place that allows views of the Milky Way; it reacquaints us with true awe. That light pollution has such far-reaching consequences for all kinds of creatures needs to be talked about more in the scope of climate change as a whole. That there are such simple solutions available is encouraging.

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