America's farmers are caught in the cross-hairs of global health, food and economic decisions made with almost no regard to their impacts to life. Those trying to continue their heritage of family-owned farming struggle under the burdens of constant financial and emotional stress. Farmers suffer one of the highest suicide rates; falling to the pressure and fear that the farm will fail on their watch. And while many farmers desperately want another way of farming, they are caught in an ever-increasing cycle of debt. But there is a growing coalition returning to the kind of farming that actually regenerates every member of the complex web of life. Be inspired by the stories of how it started.


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  • Linda Glenn

    The bravery it took for these farmers to risk everything and make this huge change.

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  • Watch the entire film and learn more about the grassroots movement: Farmer's Footprint.
  • Take charge of your own health in its broadest sense and learn more from the doctor featured in the film, Dr. Zach Bush.
  • Consider one thing you can do to improve the health of a patch of soil in your community. It might be mulching a bare patch in your yard, changing how you deal with "weeds", or even caring for a small wild-space on your block.

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