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The transcendent artistry of Green Renaissance Films allows us to enter into the life of a young man who has journeyed through mental disorder and arrived at a place of wholeness with an openness to the chaos of life. He has come to realize that he does not need to hold fear at bay by trying to order his world, controlling everything. Rather he embraces the chaos and unpredictability of daily living as the magic of the real world, allowing more beautiful things to happen, a world full of possibilities. The beauty of the film's location in South Africa adds an even deeper dimension to this young man's profound insights.


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  • Kathleen

    So lovely to watch this and feel some healing occur through his authenticity and insightful approach to the thoughts within. With heartfelt gratitude for your courage and transparency. Namaste'

  • Sharon Morrow

    I have worked In psychiatric environments for years. They are anything but orderly, normal or therapeutic and the idea that anyone gets well or even close to healthy through being exposed to them is insane. This young man explained it well. Living life as it is, taking each moment as it comes, being satisfied with what is right now and being present with it is how we get well. Acceptance of life as it is and not trying to make an artificial, or structured or controlled event out of living is how we recognize sanity, wholeness and reality.

  • Nancy

    This beautiful man is an extraordinary example of the power of choice. He chose to teach himself how to think and discern. It is said it takes Chaos to give birth to a dancing star. He is one and so inspired me. He knows/lives the truth of - "you may not know where you are going but know/allow it to be towards MORE LOVE." He seeds his future with HOPE that is possibility! Love and fear cannot co-exist. Hearing this I healed deeply. He is a friend of the heart. I am freer now. Bloom where I am planted! Thank you.

  • sister mary leonard

    Wonder-full, mystical, truth-to-live-by. Thank you past the moon.!!!

  • JoAnn Baker Paul

    Everything- especially the healing process and beautiful articulation of that process. Loved also the slow gentle pace of film. Soothing. Gld to see it shared here awa Karma Tube. Gratitude and appreciation:)

  • Catharine W-P

    Here in Canada, it is Thanksgiving Weekend, and this wondrous video fits naturally into our focus at this time ... this young artist expresses such gentle, profound wisdom achieved through learning to wrangle his beautiful mind, as many if not mot of us with 'different' wiring can do. Thanks, thanks, and thanks.

  • Myrna myrnalpfeifer@telus.net

    ...wonderful!! So grateful to have watched and listened to this beautiful presentation on Thanksgiving weekend. The magic of life is in the chaos...embrace the possibilities and live fully💖🙏🏻👍🏼

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    My different brain chemistry honors yours. <3 Thank you for shedding light into your story which is indeed so many people's stories and struggles. Beautifully done with the music, the camera shots, his art. We are all afraid at times of the unknown, to see and hear your internal process brought to light, thank you so much. Chaos can be liberating if we allow it. <3 So much potential and possibility if we can lean into it. <3 Yes to seeing the magic. <3 Thank you for being you. Thank you Green Renaissance Films for sharing important and needed stories. <3

  • Barbara Levinson

    The truth of this young man's journey and his courage to face the opening that chaos provides us is inspiring.


    ThIs young man has "made peace" with the beautiful brain he has been given. He has survived a look at the harsh/ecstatic reality that is this world. He has learned from his visit in a mental institution. He has the capacity to produce great things. I can see he has embraced his potential. I wish him well. I was diagnosed as Bipolar I forty-five years ago. I am now 75. Life is good. My unsolicited advice: Do not be afraid. Welcome your voices and visions........and..... take your meds.

  • Jann

    What a truly beautiful young man.


    Inspiring very much

  • Diane

    The idea of how his understanding and acceptance of the way he is , is not a disease but simply his WAY OF BEING in this world at this time. He doesnt anxt about the future even though it is an unknown..he has shifted his thought to feel that he unknown is an exciting possibility ...not a crisis or worry. VERY insiring young man. And his artwork is FABULOUS!!!

  • Arundhati

    Poignant and uplifting message for all. Deeply appreciate the simplicity and the courage to share his story.

  • Margie Mee

    The honesty, and his ability to talk about it!

  • Alice Brink

    Absolutely lovely. My daughter had to break off an engagement because her fiance had OCD. I want to share this with him. Thank you. Alice

  • Charles Dorra

    Self meditation ... Loved it

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