Mark Redding survived a devastating traumatic brain injury in an auto accident when he was in his early 20s. Almost 30 years later, Mark met Doug Kline through the PALS (Providing a Link for Survivors) program at Brain Injury Services, a program that enables clients and community volunteers to connect in a mutually enriching friendship to build skills and combat isolation through community integration. The two became instant "bros." In this video, Doug reflects on the beautiful friendship they shared together for 6 years.


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  • Kare Anderson

    A, inspired by the specificity and that it is a true story and that I get actionable insights, becoming a fan of theirs - thanks for the uplift

  • Michele H

    I, too, had a tai from an auto accident but I was fortunate to recover so this is particularly impactful to me. Thank you! Would you consider revising your video to put Aleena and Michelle's comments (shown below) at the end of the video? I think it is an important part of the story that Doug passed away a few days after the filming of this video, and that Doug's wife Barbara is continuing as Mark's pal with the weekly visits. Thank you.

  • Carol J Snow

    That humans who are this kind do exist and they're are my tribe of people.

  • Barbara Alaimo

    Pure friendship; just giving, no measuring or comparing. Thank you for this touching testimony. Blessings on those who remain.

  • Paula Levin-Alcorn

    I am lucky enough to be Mark's case manager and have known him for many years. This friendship changed him in so many ways. Thank you, KarmaTube, for sharing their beautiful story with the world!

  • Aleena

    @Kristin, Mark is doing well. Doug's wife Barbara is actually now Mark's pal and continuing their weekly get togethers with him. I was also truly lucky to be a part of helping tell this story- so seeing these comments and people truly honor Doug's memory is beyond amazing!

  • Michelle

    I was honored to be a part of the filming of this video and to have matched these two men in their PALS friendship. We did not know at the time that Doug would pass away just a few days later, so his raw and honest insight into what really matters in life was more powerful that we could have imagined. That weekend will be ingrained in my memory forever. For those who want to learn more about what we do, reach out to us, or Thank you for your kind comments!

  • bill larsen

    You guys broke my heart and inspired me so deeply. Mark, I hopeyou NEVER underestismate what you gave to Doug with your friendship. What a great story......Bill Larsen

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    What a beautiful testimonial to the power of friendship, I wonder how Mark is doing after the passing of Doug. Love to Mark and to Doug's family

  • Kathleen Davis

    The selflessness of these two men......puts things in perspective for me. Thank you.

  • Suellen

    Beautiful friendship.

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