Traditionally the Nimiipuu (the original name for the Nez Perce people) who live along the Snake River have been stewards of the river and the land along its banks. The building of several dams in the 1960s and 1970s blocked them from navigating these waterways in their hand carved canoes. The Canoe Project is their effort to restore something that was lost to their culture for more than 100 years and to commit to building something lasting for their children and their community. Other tribal groups supported the empowering beginning of this healing journey which marks their return to being stewards of the river.


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  • Roslyn

    Truly inspirational!! I am so grateful you made a video of the canoe project and the people and children. We must never forget our ancestors and carry their wisdom into the present and future so we can live lives with principles and truth. Thank you!

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