The quilters of rural Gee's Bend, Alabama, many of whom are descendants of slaves, learned to quilt from their mothers and grandmothers. They also learned, sitting under the quilting table as small children, valuable life lessons, and the hopes and dreams their families had for them. Their brightly colored quilts speak of love, peace, joy, and the value of hard work. Like their mothers and grandmothers before them, they sing and pray, sharing their life stories, as they work together. Their quilts have been recognized as valuable forms of art and exhibited in museums. Books have been written about them and their quilts. And yet they are most proud when "you can feel the love" that is sewn into every one of these quilted masterpieces.


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  • Donna

    I am struck by the Faith of these quilters. Probab!y hard loved and get such believe.I was struck by the last sentence and I may be paraphrasing. " We don't own this, we only borrowing it" So true.

  • Victoria Crawford

    So much inspired me as I watched this beautiful video......the love, the sounds of their voices speaking and singing. The beauty of the land and the simplicity of life. Thank you so much for sharing this. My heart is full as I begin my day and I am grateful for the love, creativity and kinship of this community.

  • Donna

    I loved the quilts and the down to earth philosophy. The love and wisdom of her hands! I feel the kindness of my grandmother and aunt inside of me. Thank You~

  • Pam

    Did I hear right? One of the woman saying that her quilt was never returned to her, and someone wanted to sell it, and she didn't receive anything for it? This breaks my heart. So much love, care and attention they all put into these lovely quilts.

  • D'Jauna

    This made me happy and sad at the same time. My great-grandmother had several hand sewn quilts that I did not see the value in until it was too late and they were gone. I love these women and their legacy to our culture. I love their connection to God and to self. They are truly blessings to their community, the art community and to the black community.

  • Lisa

    Beautiful art stitched together with lots of love 💕

  • Nancy

    I saw the Gees Bend quilts at the Flint Institute of Arts several years ago. I just wanted to touch them to connect with the spirit of these women. I barely put my hand up and a security guard gave me a stern look and shook his head. I immediately snapped out of my gaze and promptly stopped in embarrassment. Hand quilting is a lost tradition that I cherish. Anyone can sew on a machine but hand sewing requires so much more talent, skill and dedication.

  • tracey

    The love, care and lessons that go into each stitch passed down generation to generation is priceless. These quilts are pure ART!!! I have two quilt tops from my grandmother's cedar chest that I would love to finish. These women inspire me.

  • Roslyn

    I love these women and their quilts! I am so happy this video was made and esteems these women. The video is one big bundle of real love. The love that is deep and full of life. Rich with wisdom and truth to live by. As an artist it the quilts inspiration. I am humbled by their shares. What a contrast to what is shared on the media!! Than you. Thank you.

  • Betsy Spitler

    I saw the Gee Bend Quilts at the Corcoran Museum in DC in the early 2000's. It was a marvelous experience to see these women with little or no formal training create such wonderful and thoughtful quilts. It is a joy to see the artists and know they are continuing their craft and inspiring us with the simple lines, colors and crafting of their sewing. Thank you for highlighting them again.

  • Victoria Crawford

    Thank you for posting this exquisite, moving and heartfelt piece........I love how their creativity, love and faith was channeled into the quilts and how it provided for them in such joyful and yet unexpected ways. I wonder who first discovered the quilters and would love to hear more about each one of them....I start my day grateful to have seen this....thank you!

  • Renee

    I too am a quilter and I think about this legacy passed along. My grandmothers did not quilt but I discovered this art form as a form of Spirituality and being centered. Plus I have something at the end as a Gift to myself

  • Dorothy Heller

    I saw the quilts years ago at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. I was blown away by how their quilts, made from scraps and people with no or little formal education, came up with designs worthy of Mondrian and other modern abstract artists.

  • Toni

    So beautiful. We can all find beauty within and without no matter where we are. We just have to be will to see it. These lovely women did.

  • Jo

    Everything about this video inspired me.... The simplicity and honesty of living life with what really matters...connection and respect for All. Their skill, their humble lifestyle and their beautiful creations touched my heart and Soul. Like one woman said "we're only borrowing it for the time that we're here". Watching this video felt like a beautiful meditation. Thank you.

  • Ginny Abblett

    These women live lives FILLED with beauty - they have each other and their children... they live in a place of such beauty and create and share beauty with us and SO MANY others. They sing together and appreciate what they have and give to all of us. God bless them and their amazing lives...

  • Kate

    The comment at the end,this is not our home, we are meant to be with the Lord. I agree and love that she prays while she quilts. I do too. I love quilting, and I thank God that you passed on your traditions. God bless.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you for preserving a very important part of history. Hoping this tradition lives on <3 The singing, oh my goodness, goosebumps. thank you again! <3 We also need these stories, these slices of real life. And to honor the seemingly simpler things in life. Quilting is such an art.

  • Princess D Wilson

    This video brings happiness and sadness to me. Happiness because I remember my ancestors quilting and listening to the songs of the women who quilted. I feel sadness because this was how they lived without knowing this world was meant for them as well. They can do whatever they wanted and not what they had to do to survive...loved it!

  • Nancy

    I feel so blessed to have seen this. I know I m a Weaver Woman. In my way making my own quilt shows the whole of me. These women know the energy of Weaver Woman and practice this instinctively = creating a whole cloth of purity - visibly. I have been weaving my own Quilt that speaks in its beauty the SHOW of me - all the parts of me and the colors that make me me....I am is a whole cloth. It is called UNITY.

  • Tara

    The beautiful purity of the hearts of these women and their families. The wholeness of their spirits. They are goodness. They more than deserve compensation for their work and the reproduction of their work. In this world this is one way you honor people. Honor is returned to them. Blessings to you all.

  • victoria fairbanks

    the purity and beauty of these women - they flow together like a river through the landscapes of their lives the exquisite patterns - so exciting. whoever sold these quilts 'for them' .... they better do something quick to make it right!!!!

  • Debby

    I watched this at the end of my work day. I was mesmerized by the pace. Seems like there is a real appreciation in the moment, every moment. The quilts are beautiful as are the women. Thanks

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