For many, an image of a shark conjures up feelings of fear and trepidation, often perpetuated by negative media portrayals and news stories. But for conservationist Ocean Ramsey, sharks are highly evolved, intelligent creatures that help maintain balance in underwater ecosystems. In this compelling TEDx Talk, Ocean describes what she's come to learn through getting up close and personal with this often-feared predator and how we can take action to prevent their widespread decimation.


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  • Kevin Decoteau

    What inspired you about this video? I did not know sharks were so endangered first of all. the information she presents is clear and a warning ti us about how much we need sharks. Live and let live.

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  • Check out Conservation International's Nature is Speaking series for a powerful look at what our natural surroundings might say if they could talk.
  • Follow this link to Ocean Ramsey's website to learn more about steps you can take to help protect sharks.
  • For more ideas, visit National Geographic to learn about 10 things you can do to save the ocean.

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