What does it mean to be courageous? Is it something seen outwardly, as when someone overcomes an overwhelming physical obstacle, or is it "the measure of our heartfelt participation with life, with another, with a community, a work, a future"? This short video provides an eloquent answer through powerful images that encourage further consideration of the question.


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  • Daniel

    The words move me. They are familiar from David Whyte's work. Each day I must remind myself how much courage it takes to do the work that is in my heart and yet it must be done!

  • Deepak

    Awesome and inspiring . Thank you .


    Courage = Optimistic

  • zenki

    This is so beautiful, thank you. It made clearer for me why of the 3 things Buddhism teaches we can give, one of them is non-fear; courage. (The other 2 are material things and the Dharma)

  • J

    FYI it's David Whyte not White - wonderful soul , poet

  • Sharon Morrow

    Courage is overcoming fear and living outside the boxes that others design to keep us from being courageous and living life fully. It is the one quality which makes our lives authentic and the one virtue that gives us all the others: honesty, loyalty, truth, and finally love.

  • Patrick Watters

    It is vital to remember and embrace the truth of the core or Latin origin of the word courage — “cor” — which means “heart”.

  • Kay

    Sometimes I think we have missed the mark on the meaning of a word especially in the English language and it’s good to revisit the etymology of a word as done in this beautiful video! “The measure of our heartfelt participation with life”.

  • Diane Tait

    Gave me peace in our strength

  • Luanne

    Courage = showing everyday for each other.

  • Patricia

    This video is the truth in so many people in my life. THANK YOU for creating this video.

  • Sumita

    Can resonate with my work. Now got words to explain

  • Bob Mente

    Living with the decisions to be vulnerable. 😃

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    The idea that courage = heart and turning inward is deeply powerful



  • Monica Fox

    A beautiful video that speaks to the heart

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  • Discover the film's creators, Crossing Borders Education, and how they empower cross cultural learning.
  • Read and reflect on David Whyte's essay on courage. 
  • Keep a "courage journal," writing about moments when you sense the deep speakings of your heart affecting your participation in life.

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