A film by Nitin Das.

Here’s a nature poem from one of the wild places of our amazing planet. A short poem that urges you to come closer to nature and add some wildness to your soul.


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    Images and sounds can speak for themselves. Sometimes we don´t need words.

  • Cuka

    A person without sight can't enjoy the poem! The music is nice, but my voice to text can't "read" it. Can someone point me to a typed out version of the text of the poem?

  • Jim Crowfoot

    The iconic views of lakes, mountains, moving streams, sky and clouds...ah....so wonderful. Thank you

  • Christopher Frey

    Yes, this a beautiful example of Nordic Wildernesd. Our problem isnt that we dont have nature and the countryside on our doorstep. Our problems are caused by the shocking impact of masses of people from completely different cultures who refuse to assimilate and adapt. If we are not careful this wilderness will be covered in the bodies of young men killing each other in gangs competing for territory to sell drugs, guns and explosives.

  • Eileen Rozumialski

    Thank You. It brightened my morning and I love the simplicity yet complexity of Nature and the similarity no matter where you are in the world, it can always bring you peace.

  • Leslie Gernon

    Thank you - the film was so simply beautiful (or beautifully simple?) and resonated deeply with me. When did we pass the line that shifted us from pulling people in from nature ("come home when the street lights come on") to pushing (encouraging) people to go out in nature?

  • Paula


  • Sahara

    Such a captivating video....touches your soul...I shall start 'Rewilding ' my soul often.Thank you for touching my soul through this beautiful video

  • Leigh

    This films mix of Nature's wilds and sweetly nudging gentle text is exactly what this new Nature + greetings website has a vast vault of: Naturegram.com

  • Indra G

    Soothing and Peaceful connection within

  • Anita r Goldstein

    tranquility and beauty

  • Cathryn

    I loved that a tiny natural walkway was made so people could traverse the narrow valley without further damaging the natural environment!

  • carmel merrill

    It's direct visual, auditory, direct contact with that ineffable transcendent energy.

  • Benthe Ploug

    Beautiful, thanks

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  • Explore all the many ways Nature can re-wild your soul and reawaken your heart.
  • Walk into the rich science of forest therapy.
  • Sit still and close your eyes. Let one of the ideas from the poem settle into you. Then quietly get up and go outside, leaving your phone behind.

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