Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, has a parallel in the tale of days we call our lives. During a dark time it can be hard to remember the warmth and joy that also comes and goes. This lovely animated poem reminds us to keep taking one step at a time toward the coming light.


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  • Annie

    It’s simplicity and truth. The stark feel of that dark night was powerful.

  • Rose

    What inspired you about this video? The sound was too low. Couldn't hear enough to watch it all....

  • Ann

    Love the hope that is expressed in this poem. When all seems dark, I need just a tiny reminder that the sun is waiting around the bend of the horizon. I am sitting with my 88 yr old mother in the hospital. She broke her hip, had surgery and needs inpatient nursing home physical therapy. We have decided to bring her home instead. COVID 19 would keep her locked into the nursing home and us locked out. I pray for all who are affected by this virus,

  • Sergio

    The sun will find you...

  • domar

    the hopefuleness exudes - in time, things get better

  • Sidonie

    Simplicity expressed in beauty and depth... Life happens through change!

  • Barbara

    This beautifully crafted video says to me 'Life is about change. . .'.

  • Yvonne

    To remember that nothing lasts...a new day is always upon us...hope to the tired and spirit weary.


    The subtleness and simplicity of its message-hope.

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  • Consider what helps you remember the times of light with "memories warm and spirits lighter". Share your light with someone you know going through a dark time.

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