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Refugees who have fled their native lands in search of a place to live safely and to be treated as human beings often find themselves stuck for several years in an environment which can be unwelcoming and even hostile. A group of refugees in Indonesia established a school so that their children could learn basic education while being offered a chance at normalcy through social interaction. Children and adults are helped to overcome language barriers and prepare for a future in which they can find a sense of belonging and accomplishment.


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  • Roy

    What is the name of the charity behind this? I don't see a place to contribute.

  • Roy

    Wow, this is so beautiful. Love heals. All it takes for the world to turn around is for people to open their hearts. There's so much love and generosity of spirit in this video. I'd like to share it if there's a way.

  • Ginny

    YAY for ALL refugees!

  • Cletus Zuzarte

    Amazing, how once can share what has meaning in your own life!

  • Ruby


  • Ramesh Shah

    AWESOME, 'Give me a fish, I eat for a day;Teach me how to FISH, I eat for the life time". I am so much impressed by this group of Refugees who learned how to HELP more & more refugees who are experincing similar kind of problems. Education is basic building block.

  • john lee

    Great spirit, community building and helping themselves to thrive inspire me. If their program needs expansion, please let them know Global Giving, a platform to raise money to fund their expansion and help more refugees in Indonesia.

  • Margaret Thompson

    Refugees are a fact of life. They flee their countries because of war, persecution, climate disasters etc. The world needs to change many of its false assumptions about refugees. I have become friends with a Syrian family who had to flee and are now living in Canada. Husband and wife are both engineers, unable to work in their professions. They are talented musicians and work hard at integrating in the city. The wealthy west has such abundance. We need to share.

  • Patrick Watters

    Hope and yet still utter sadness at how we treat one another in the family that is humanity in the image of Divine LOVE.

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  • Learn more about how the Refugee Learning Center is helping children and adults prepare for the future.
  • Read this article on practical ways to assist refugees.
  • Consider how you can advocate for refugees in your community by aligning with local efforts to welcome refugees and asylum seekers. 

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