What can salmon teach us about sustainability in a complex environment? Marine biologist Alexandra Morton shares startling new research that lets us decode the information stored in a salmon’s immune system. The data reveals where we’re harming the fish, the ocean, and ourselves – ultimately revealing lessons for how humans can thrive on this planet without destroying it.


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  • Charles Dorra

    Forgot to specify that those salmon were in huge quantity. When i went to see the path those salmon come over in October through Cedar River in Renton, you can hardly see couple of them even if you make the five stop provided by the museum of Seatle

  • Charles Dorra

    Many decade ago i watched a documentary about salmon and their thrive to go back to their birthplace and i was marked forever. Nowadays the only way to save the salmon and above all the ocean is to limit humans and fishing by using force ...because i don't think human should survive other species at that rate

  • Margaret Thompson

    What a brilliant woman. Morton took a complex scientific concept and made it totally accessible to a general audience. Will she be heeded?

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  • Dive into the world of salmon and learn what the Raincoast Research Society has to teach.
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  • Listen to the wisdom the natural world is sharing about how to thrive as part of the environment you live in.

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