"What if kindness was a form of music, with its own rhythm, its own flow, its own song?" This engaging video points out the give and take of the whole human experience through highlighting music, with its reciprocal energy which inspires both the musicians and their audiences. The featured street musicians reflect on the power of music to make kindness contagious.


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  • Celeste Albers

    Those street musicians lit up my life today. Their music makes kindness contagious! Thank you so much for sharing that with us today! Peace to each of you! Celeste

  • Lizzie

    The musicians themselves, just oozing conviviality and joy. Music just makes you smile

  • CVL

    The REAL energy of Love flowing through each of these people and the listeners that responded.

  • Aviva

    Yes, yes, yes!!

  • Rjblaschka

    variety of forms of kindness & all the smiling faces. We're in a Covid lockdown in Kodiak, Alaska. It's dark here, but it's getting lighter now that we're past the winter solstice. Thank you for the joy.

  • Daoud Matta

    "The girl's smile is worth more than a thousand dollars." Real value is not material! Thank you for this inspiring video.

  • Patrick Watters

    I have been told that when I’m out walking I always have a smile on my face. I suppose that’s why people are always smiling back? Now sometimes I’m singing too; chants, Hawaiian melodies etc. And other times I’m just sitting playing my Navajo flute or my drum. Kindness, it’s all good. Spread it . . . like that crazy old guy in the park. }:- a.m. (anonemoose monk)

  • Margaret Thompson

    What I loved were the smiles. There is not much to smile about right now but we need to find EVERY opportunity to do so and to extend kindness. It is contagious.

  • Patricia Richard-Amato

    Short but powerful! ThanksM

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  • As you go through your day, listen closely to the music around you: on the radio, in a store, or even a simple birdsong. How does it make you feel? Find a way to bring a little joy to someone through the gift of music.

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