"When I hear music I just can't stop myself, I start dancing." These heartfelt words of a participating grandma speak to the enthusiasm, exuberance, pride and sheer joy experienced by all of the grandmothers in Swati Patel's dance group for grandmothers at the JSK Dance Academy. In spite of pain, illness and sometimes a long held belief that dancing was not for them, they each learned to open up to dance in a way that nurtures them and makes everyone who sees them want to join in the dance. This joyous film is "dedicated to forever young grandmas".


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  • Learn about the Tamalpa Institute which offers training on healing, education and social transformation through the arts.
  • Read about the healing powers of dance.
  • Following the example of the grandmas, put on your favorite music and dance like no one is watching, freeing your body to go to wherever the music takes you. 

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